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Monday's Panel: 
historical people
UPCOMING ON Wednesday: imaginary figures!
MSA322: a  middle eastern father and religious man m.aghazarian:
Batwoman Kate Kane
smile: Islamic scholar
Ibn Sina (Avicenna)
kgould: Major Motoko
Kusanagi from
Ghost in the Shell
phreNic: philosopher
Simone de Beauvoir
shin1068111: Dr. Robert
Ray from 91020
tangerines: author
Mary Shelley
Apocalipsis: Wolverine
from X-Men
ekthorp: pilot
Amelia Earhart
J.Yoo: The Question,
alter ego Renee Montoya
fawei: astronaut
Christa McAuliffe
kelliott: the Replicant
"Pris" from Blade Runner
Oak: computer scientist
Grace Hopper
jlebouvier: Stewey Griffin
from Family Guy
cara: computer scientist
Grace Hopper
aybala50: Arthur Weasley,
wizard from Harry Potter
spreston: birth control
activist Margaret Sanger
rubikscube: Agent Astrid
Farnsworth from the "Fringe"
Hilary G: sociologist, economist, pacifist
Emily Balch
MissArcher2: Dr. Walter
Bishop from the "Fringe"
leamirella: president of the Philippines Corazon Aquino merlin: icon Rosie the Riveter

TiffanyE: U.S. First
Lady Michelle Obama

vgaffney: IBM computer
winner Watson

Hilary B: Czech director
Vera Chytilova

Riki: performance artist
Marina Abramovic

Franklin 20: celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz

Marina: performance artist
Jess Dobkin






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