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Clash of the People

On Thursday's class we experienced a clash of people.
In my head I was really excited to to have this clash, but when it actually happened I was a bit overwhelmed. There were too many people and the air in the room did not feel good. I was not able to understand the arguments and I even made a bogus argument. I prefer the smaller environment with people I already know. I should learn to step out of my bubble, but that is just to difficult.

There weren't just negatives, but positives. For one, I loved Logicomix and we talked about it in class. My peers liked and understood the appeal of math. The talk that Paul ended the session with was wonderful.

Until recently I discovered that math has some open ended questions BUT there is a big but.
Math has actually attempted to answer any particular question by creating a symbol. So technically in math everything has an answer not very tangible but it is there.

The infinite amount of numbers is mind-boggling but as mathematics goes on there are attempts to answer the question. In many cases the problem gets solved, and if not it is infinity and zero. But even in that vastness there are levels for infinity.

I don't know if that makes sense but I am just glad math has gotten a place in everyone's heart. I love it.


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