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A little sweat never hurt anyone

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When I was younger, my favorite part of the day would either be recess and for a short time period, naps also became the vital part of my day. Soon, they took that away from me and all I could look forward to was recess. All my friends and I would stare at the clock and watch the minute hand slowly move as 12 would strike. We'd feel like animals trapped in a small cage and once the bell rang, we escaped and gazelled out of enclosed space. We were free and the sweat dripping down our backs made no change on the bright smiles on our faces. Most of my favortite memories from childhood are from recess; it taught me quite a few things that a room with four walls could never. Recess is a vital part of growing up and if we take that away from children and bombard them with more work and trap them in four walls all day, then they'll miss out on essential experiences.