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Jump like a frog<( ̄︶ ̄)>

Amy Ma's picture

First of all, I like this photo because it is funny. A lot of my friends said I jumped like a frog, and some said I photoshoped this photo (actually I didn’t). This photo was taken on a snow mountain. That time, my friends and I chose to climb the mountain rather than take the ropeway. I am a lazy person actually, so I was really kind of unwilling to climb, but I did enjoy it. I always have conflicts in mind. I want to know the unknown, because it can bring me surprises, but I don’t want to know the unknown, because it may bring me bad surprises. I want to stay at home watching my favorite TV shows and relax all day long, but I want to engage in college learning too. Anyway, like everyone on the earth, there are many different me living in me. This photo shows an energetic Amy, a funny Amy who looks like a frog, maybe even a high jump expert Amy (but actually not╮(╯3╰)╭), the me that I love most.