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My Direction

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So after today's class I went to lunch and began to think what direction I want to go in for this week's paper. I think I have formed two thoughts on how to level the education's playing field. 

My first idea. 

In order to level the playing field of education the Community and School CANNOT be two separate entities they must become one.

I believe this because schools try to create their own culture without factoring in all of the cultures they're trying to assimilate. Communites begin to become distant from the schools and as their own educational tool. Most people like Ricardo Rodriquez had to choose between the two. If they because one big unit each one can work off from each other collaborating to create an even more broader well-rounded education for their students.

But this is not the only thing needed which leads me to my second idea.

While society has become more preoccupied with individual needs and wants such as customized cars, houses,  ideas, cable packages..etc. the istitutions of this society such as health, education, etc. remain generalized.

What I'm trying to say is that we all want our own thing. I want a white mini van with black leather seats with 10 cup holders because I have a large family that includes built-in dvd players and heated seats because my wife gets cold in the passanger seat. But looking at education we all must take the same classes, know the same material and strive for the same 4.0 GPA to be able to get into college and find a job. I believe in order to level the playing field we must introduce personal cirriculum and that ignites reflection, self-actualization, and collaboration and that addresses the areas of improvement, the best way of learning, etc. for that specific individual.

Why I believe both of these changes are needed is because once the Community and School become one unit a person can feel as much disadvantaged within the unit as the did having to choose between the two. Providing personal curriculums would not hinder one because of their race, religion, home environment, class, etc. but be used to get over that obstacle.