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Riting, Reading, Reflecting

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One of the readings that really stuck out to me in particular was Evelyn White's Black Women in the Wilderness. As we can see White's heritage has played a prominent in role with her relationship with nature. I thought it was interesting to see that White was so afraid to go outside, so traumatized by the bombing and possibility of being raped or assulted that she wouldn't even go outside. For me that is difficult to understand because ever since I was little I played in the woods and was never afraid to go outside. It makes me wonder how vivid these stories must have been for White because they had such a profound affect on White's life. I remember when I was younger I watched the movie Jaws and after that I was extremely hesitant to go in the water. I feel like this is a similar case to White but on a dummed down level. Has anyone else had a similar experience to this and grown out of it? Or tried to embrace it like White does at the end of the chapter?