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structure and teachers

We've been talking about structure, structure, structure and still haven't come close to a consensus. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it normal and natural? Or is it awkward and forced? We can debate until the end of time and we'll still never really know any of those answers. It's the chicken and the egg, but instead it's the structure and the education. What I'm more interested in looking at is how we can teach the future teachers of the world to deal with structure in a way that doesn't cut off the creativity of their students. We haven't really talked about the affect of teachers, the actual people, on a persons education. We find teachers everywhere from the classroom, to the field, to the home. It is what teachers then choose to do with structure (or lack there of) that has the real impact on the student. And it's always obvious when a teacher cares and when a teacher could care less, and though caring doesn't necessarily make a good teacher, it helps students feel better about what they're learning. We can only hope that those who are teachers want to be and are invested in the education and future of their students. We can only hope that they find their own way of looking at structure and dishing it out in a constructive fashion because more than anything, we need good teachers.


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