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The Form of a Webcomic

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 In class today we briefly discussed the forms that comics can take (and webcomics because they are not limited to print). Dave quoted Scott Mccloud, so I think it would be appropriate to "quote" him first on time and form in comics:

scott mccloud and comics

Then on time and form in web comics: I Can't Stop Thinking! #4

Form is very much a part of graphic novels, as one can clearly see in A Game of You (especially the opening sequence. If one were to only focus on reading the words, one would perceive the worried conversation between the characters. But the fact that this dialogue is built around a scene with the Tantoblin's skeleton gives it an entirely different feeling of urgency and mystery, for it is all the more obvious in a graphic novel that you cannot see the conversing characters). I'm curious to how this form will affect the autobiography that we will see in Persepolis


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