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Hmmm.....Please Bear With Me

All week I have been thinking on what to post, and yet good, creative insight is not flowing. It’s funny how the brain seems to operate. Like one week you can think so freely and creatively, you devour novels, and your linguistic skills feel top notch, and then, all of a sudden, boom!! You start doing physics and if the problem can’t be fitted onto a Cartesian coordinate system it just does not seem worth working on (which is odd for two reasons: the Cartesian system was developed by Descartes and physicists seem to be generally very cool, creative people). 

Anyway, these are the times when I know it’s time for a beer, a trip to a friends’ couch, and a long conversation about the human condition. Fortunately, in many ways, class on Monday evenings serves the cathartic purpose of allowing us to reengage in a thoughtful, creative element that really helps one to think throughout the week. That it is done without beer is either for the better, or an unfortunate side-effect of the structure that we have so many opinions on.

Speaking of the class loop, I like the practice. I am receiving a lot of interesting insight from across the board. Reading through the posts this week, there is clearly some deep thought going on about education, structure and pedagogy. My addition to the loop this week, in contrast, feels minimal. Minimal in the way that spending the day in your slippers reading a novel is minimal. Not like it’s a bad thing, but more just a cathartic balance when things get really serious.  



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