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The ambiguous figures exercise for me was very thought provoking. Sensory input, experience and previously constructed associations help craft ones constructions of objects, people and the world at large.

Not only sensory input but other associations your brain makes with that specific input and how it carries that input association to another level will give you even more information and potential understanding/ knowledge/something learned. The more associations you make allows you to take that construction and extend it across the spectrum to include a lot more thoughts and ideas.

If you limit yourself to just the input or one association then it would be limited as compared to allowing yourself or your brain to make multiple associations and extend it even higher then the picture itself gets bigger and you see more. If a person’s brain is able to make multiple associations or constructions within a given period of time when viewing a particular figure, object, does that translate to the person being more tolerant and flexible with perceiving, listening, understanding and even seeing other peoples viewpoint or perspectives on constructions of the like?

Perhaps it is most likely so, because if you are blinded or narrow in scope your focus is limited. You don’t see what is in the periphery beyond a given construction. However if you include a whole panoramic view, you may see other things that are influencing the construction, perhaps even things that you didn’t see included initially.

As you recruit more things in a construction, you get a more complete picture and the more concepts you have for what is out there. Therefore you would be able to incorporate that into your thoughts, reaction and behavior towards that given construction.

Society and culture tends to be homogenous and provides us with previously constructed stories and ideas based on certain collective perspectives utilized during a specific time period. As time progresses these ideas may remain concrete, become mended, improved, changed all together and developed.

Is it impossible to know what reality is if our understandings are constantly changing and new constructions are evolving?

What unconscious understandings are interacting with our conscious constructions which ultimately shapes our view of the world? Can you train your unconscious? (Would that be a good thing?)


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