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a looping structure

"Turns out, there is a fairly specific structure to this class. The difference is, the structure is not oppressively exhausting. The professor acts as a facilitator, gently steering the conversation and asking thought-provoking questions, rather than merely transferring information to us to memorize and then testing us on the material that was never actually put into practice or absorbed ... The role of the teacher is key to the experience of the student"

And, to re-emphasize the "loop," the "role of the student is key to the experience of the teacher."  As per comments interspersed below, a "not oppressively exhausting" sort of structure makes things more interesting/instructive for the teacher as well.  "Imagine if the teacher were an extension of the student" and the student an extension of the teacher?  Might that make education more engaging/productive for all concerned? 


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