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A slightly different take...

We are all taking this class because we think education matters; so we’re talking about.  A lot is being said about education and the system - its issues, recommendations for its improvement, structure versus no-structure, etc. However, I feel like we’re going in circles. We are saying things that without a doubt, make a whole lot of sense, but it’s all been said before. Yes, some structure is important, but yes, too much structure can be suffocating. Yes, different students learn in different ways, and yes, that is impractical to implement. I feel like a lot of the times we get so caught up in the ‘modern’ that we forget that a great part of the world has moved on to the ‘postmodern’. We already identified in class that there are no objective truths but doesn’t that contradict precisely what we’re trying to in this class - find an overarching, so-to-speak, ideal/perfect system of education? It is human nature to try and find answers and solutions but I see two main issues what that: first, we can go on talking about it but all we’re saying has been said before, so does what we’re doing really even matter at all? Will any of us actually do anything to change the education system? Can we? Someone in class said it isn’t just the education system that needs reformation, its all of society. Can we bring about such a massive change? Yes, society has progressed, but a lot of the core values and way of society is still the same. What or who is it going to take to shake that up? Will any of us try? This ties into my second issue: what is the change that we want to bring about? Maybe its just my interest in postmodernism that’s making me say this, but the world is so diverse and each individual has such a different way of thinking, how will be ever be able to agree upon what society should be like? But, on the other hand, if we don’t identify what the change we want is, how will we ever get around to bringing about that change? The question, then is, where does that leave us? I for one, am not too sure.


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