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Demonic Possession

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Demonic Possession

Melissa A. Bromwell

Belief in the possibility of demonic possession has waned since the advent of sophisticated medical knowledge. What had previously been considered to be examples of control of an individual by a spirit or devil are now commonly accepted as numerous forms of mental illness, easily explained by nervous system activity. If all types of behavior (including emotional states and cognitive states) are produced and mediated solely by the brain, there leaves no potential for such a phenomenon as demonic possession to exist and such cases would clearly be instances of various illnesses. However, neuroscience has not yet been able to explain all of the characteristics common to purported cases of demonic possession ((1).

A possessed individual is typically characterized by having strange physical ailments or disfigurements; verbal outbursts, mostly obscene or sacrilegious in nature; violent behavior and vulgar behavior; bodily spasms and contortions; ability to speak languages never before studied; self-mutilation; "superhuman" abilities such as psychic abilities, abnormal strength, or an ability to perform behaviors out of the realm of human possibility such as levitation; cessation of normal bodily functions for periods of time, including breathing and heart beat; and a pronounced revulsion to symbols, places, people, objects, and ceremonies having any religious context. Other phenomena associated with the presence of a demon include an acrid stench; marked decrease in the temperature of the room which a possessed individual occupies; writing appearing out of nowhere; sounds and voices arising from nowhere; and objects moving on their own and destruction of objects in the room, without anyone having laid a hand upon them ((2), (3).

Despite the striking quality of this description, the expansion of the fields of medicine and psychology has led to diagnoses other than demonic possession for individuals who present circumstances similar to those mentioned above. These sorts of cases are now readily explained in terms of abnormal functioning in the brain and nervous system. There are various disorders which may mimic demonic possession; these include schizophrenia (and other periods of psychosis), dissociative identity disorder, and Tourette syndrome ((4).

Schizophrenia is characterized by the presence of delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, disorganized or catatonic behavior, affective flattening or inappropriate emotional responses, avolition, and alogia. General psychotic episodes, such as might accompany mood disorders, can also closely simulate a state of demonic possession by hallucinations or delusions. The delusions can be ones of thought insertion, thought broadcasting, delusions of guilt, delusions of grandeur, such as being God (or a demon), or delusions that God (or a demon) is speaking to the person and giving commands for a special mission (5).

The resemblance between several of these criteria and demonic possession is rather striking. The inappropriate emotional displays seen in psychoses correspond to those frequently documented in cases of demonic possession where the possessed individual expresses either flattened affect or outbursts of extreme affects; a possessed individual will often laugh at situations which are morbid, such as injury to another individual, or crying and screaming when there appears to be no appropriate stimulus for such a response, such as being presented with a crucifix or holy water (6).

Psychosis is generally thought of as a break with reality; society will frequently consider individuals who believe themselves to be possessed as delusional and not "in touch with reality." An individual who appears to be possessed and claims to be a demon may be viewed as suffering from a delusion of grandeur. Family members and friends caring for possessed individuals can become extremely disturbed by the state in which the individuals present themselves and often request an exorcism as a last resort. One might think of this as an example of Folie à Deux, in which one individual develops a delusion while in a close relationship with another person who already has an established delusion; the delusion is of the same content for each individual (5). It is possible that the possessed individual initially suffers from a delusion and eventually convinces loved ones that the possession is real.

The paranoid thinking present in many instances of psychosis is similar to that of an individual who is possessed and fears all items, people, and situations that contain religious themes. An individual who is possessed will react violently to the presentation of anything with a religious context, out of fear that harm will come to them; the reaction is elicited merely from being exposed to something such as a Bible or a priest. The disorganized thinking and speech that often occurs during periods of psychosis may also resemble the seemingly nonsensical speech a possessed individual may show (6).

Individuals who suffer from schizophrenia predominantly marked by catatonic behavior often arrange their bodies in bizarre or inappropriate postures for long periods of time; they frequently engage in stereotypic motor activity or have very prominent mannerisms and facial expressions. Conversely, these individuals might refrain from any movement whatsoever for prolonged periods of time, as if in a trance. This might be similar to the bodily contortions and exaggerated expressions of emotion noted in cases of demonic possession, as well as to the hypnotic-like state observed in possessed individuals (1).

The superhuman strength often exhibited by individuals who are possessed might be explained by the presence of a bipolar disorder; bipolar disorders are frequently accompanied by psychosis, particularly during the manic episodes. Manic individuals exhibit abundant amounts of energy and often have abnormal strength, similar to what can be seen in an individual who is possessed.

Schizophrenia, or any form of psychosis, is currently thought to be the result of a malfunctioning dopaminergic system, either a system which is too active or a system which is too sensitive. The dopamine system has been implicated in movement and coordination, emotional response, and the ability to experience pleasure and pain (7). It would then seem quite likely that many purported cases of demonic possession are merely instances of dopamine systems failing to work properly, given the aforementioned abnormal motor and affect behavior. It also seems quite plausible that individuals who believe themselves to be possessed are in a state of severe ahedonia.

Another disorder which has frequently been misdiagnosed as demonic possession is dissociative identity disorder, formerly known as multiple personality disorder. The criteria for this disorder is the presence of two or more distinct identities or personality states, each with its own way of perceiving, relating to, and thinking about the environment and the self; at least two of these personalities or identities recurrently take control of the individual's behavior; and an inability to recall important personal information that is too extensive to be dismissed as ordinary forgetfulness (8). The separate identities involved in this disorder and the physical changes that denote dissociation could certainly reflect the abrupt change in personality manifested by those who appear to be victims of demonic possession (9).

A demon in someone who is possessed has its own purpose, own beliefs, morals, and attitudes, mannerisms, even its own style of speech, including a different voice. Each of these is distinct from those of the individual prior to possession and to an observer, it is clear that a change has occurred in the individual. In addition, an individual who suffers from demonic possession may not be able to recall the periods of time in which the demon manifests itself, resulting in blackouts and time loss (6). This is quite comparable to the manifestation of multiple personalities, each unique from the other, in an individual with dissociative identity disorder. The different personalities also have different motivations, ways of behaving, types of knowledge, and types of speech. The differing speech patterns between identities might partially explain the phenomenon of "speaking in tongues" often witnessed in victims of demonic possession. Time loss and blackouts are also extremely common to individuals with dissociative identity disorder; the unrecalled periods of time occur when another personality is in control (10).

Extreme suggestibility and hypnotizability are prevalent among individuals with dissociative identity disorder, which may be important if someone has suggested to an individual with the disorder that they are not mentally ill, but are in fact possessed by a demon. An individual with dissociative identity disorder who has had this suggested to them might come to believe they are inhabited by a demon (11).

Motor activities common to those with dissociative identity disorder include anesthesia, eye rolling (especially during switching to another personality), and pseudoseizures (11). These are behaviors that are commonly observed in individuals who are reported to be possessed by a demon; individuals who are possessed may be unable to feel pain in certain areas of their body and some of the distortions involved in possession include eyes rolling back and seizures (6).

The commonly accepted etiology of dissociative identity disorder is an early history of repeated trauma and abuse, often to horrific degrees (12). There is currently no biological theory concerning the origin of dissociative identity disorder; this creates both a direction for future investigations into the disorder and a possibility that demonic possession is an occurrence that cannot be explained in terms of the brain.

Another disorder that has probably been mistaken for demonic possession throughout time is Tourette syndrome, characterized by multiple motor and vocal tics (13). Motor tics can range in complexity from eye blinking to sticking out the tongue to rapid jerking of the body and writhing. The vocal tics can be sounds such as coughing, barking, growling or repeating words and phrases over and over again. Perhaps the most well-known symptom of Tourette syndrome is coprolalia, the screaming of obscene and foul language (14).

It is obvious how these behaviors can be misinterpreted as demonic possession; possessed individuals are often described as flailing and thrashing about and shouting obscenities, sexually aggressive phrases, violent threats, and sacrilegious statements.

There is also a high rate of comorbidity with obsessive-compulsive disorder in individuals who have Tourette syndrome (14). It seems likely that there would be a high frequency rate of obsessions with religion in individuals who claim to be possessed by a demon.

The origins of Tourette syndrome are thought to lie in either the dopaminergic system or the noradrenergic system. It is believed that the disorder results from either supersensitivity in the dopamine receptors or hyperactivity in the functioning of the norepinephrine system (14).

The concordance of the putative biological causes of schizophrenia and Tourette syndrome seem to imply some type of connection between the two disorders, and the phenomenon which they both imitate, i.e., demonic possession. It also lends credence to the belief that the brain is responsible for types of behavior which may initially seem remarkably beyond the realm of normal human behavior.

However, there is quite a bit about supposed demonic possession which cannot yet be explained by biology. This category includes such phenomenon as levitation, wounds appearing upon the victim that have not been inflicted by the self or another concrete source, knowledge of languages never before studied, sometimes never even heard, and psychic abilities such as knowing facts about other individuals that have never been met. In addition, the accompanying situations related to the area around possessed individuals do not seem to be explainable in terms of the brain or any aspect of biology; science cannot yet explain the distinct decrease in temperature of the room the individual occupies, the appearance of writing and sounds from an unseen force, and the movement of objects on their own (2).

One can come to two conclusions when faced with this evidence. The first is that the cause of such circumstances will eventually be determined by further study of the brains of reportedly possessed individuals. This might reveal that there is something biologically (and entirely secularly) unique about such individuals which allows them to be capable of creating such phenomena by themselves; in this case it could be determined that demonic possession is nothing but a myth perpetuated for centuries. On the other hand, the possibility that demonic possession is a real occurrence cannot yet be rejected; no thoroughly decisive evidence exists to the contrary. What is currently known about science cannot fully explain every situation reported to be a case of demonic possession, at least not by the methods which science currently employs. Until science can explain each detail, if indeed it ever can, one cannot dismiss the possibility that demonic possession is a real and true phenomenon.

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Comments made prior to 2007

I will not give my full name for the information came from my brother who is a therapist at a treatment facility. He was an atheist, but not now. I just wanted to mention a case he told me about that has happened very resently. It was what happened to middle aged man that had been involved in Santaria. The family brought in their paster to talk and pray for the individual. He witnessed a book fly across the room as the minister started praying for the individual. There was also a chair that, as said, took on a life of its own, repeatedly slamming its self into the minsiter. He told me that all he could say was that dissacoiative identity disorder could not effect inaniment objects ... Charles, 17 February 2006



The article on Demon Possess was very good! It's great how the author made a comparison between several Psychological conditions and demon possession. My reason for writing is that I know such a person who is mentally challenged, but thinks she is possessed with a demon. In fact, her Therapist told her that she needed an exorcist. I was quite surprised that a professional would advise someone of this unless they knew for certain. I am in the ministry and know that this person is not possessed, but how do I reach her? Can anyone from this organization help us? ... John H. Thomas, 27 April 2007



Read the article concerning demonic possession and agree that in many cases it is explainable via mental illnesses and can be traced back to torture of some kind over a prolonged period of time. May I add that the test might be that others may perceive to some extent the manifestations of the possessed person. I can not rule out completely demonic posession or miraculous events. Visions at Fatima and others are generally seen, heard etc by others present. Yhose in the medical field must responsibly view the explainable of course and the effects on the human mind and body ... Reader on the web, 25 November 2007


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need help. ex husbandbhas severe mental illness.

I desperately need someone's help. I divorces my husband om 10/15/13 with shares custody of our 3 yr old son. To make long story short, je is abusive and has schizoid type illness with parnoia and demon obsession along with 90% of schizophrenic symptoms. He may have 100% of the symptoms bit he hides his illness. He was medicated as a child for severe psychosis. His delusions and "magical thinking" happens daily...all day long. His fatjer was abusive and has was discharged by the Army for severe bi-polar disorder. My husband is now 38 and has injured my sob in a way no one ruled abusive bc they were noy able to categorize the injuries. I have a ppo on him and he is fighting to overturn it with higher court but it does not protect my son. I am scared for me and my son and no one is doing anything about it until we are both severely injured or dead. I have depleted all of the resources. I can only characterize my ex as Carrie's mother in the movie, Carrie except he is clever and have fooled everyone that he only has OCD. Please help me and my son

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help for sick in head abusive husband

I have just been dealing with a few people just like him. i do not have kids or any thing to do with this person or married. he was a pimp off streets of negril and friend of persons who enable him to behave that way. along with the other person before him i escaped they threatened me if i opened my mouth about him . he was a mentally ill alcoholic singer. who was also abusive and abusing me to injure my happy life. the next person was lower iq and lower mentality with no special talent and more vicious and intentional get violent to try to feel he could abuse someone but is not able to abuse someone who can beat life out of hime he has fear.
he has similar profile of person your dealing with. he also is evil to animals. although he appear kind he will pick up a puppy and take it up then kick it down . immature and dirty..
i would assume if he had kids he would also be possessive and tray to kill adn who off his feeling he is gangster by trying to take the kid and not even able to take care of it or himself .
i dont understand what kind of help your asking for. where does he live if he is your ex and do you hav full custody of your kid?
again i dont realy hear what ur asking for. is it help to deal with his issues. he is probably demonicly possessed or abused as child or effected by the fathers illness.. u need to be more specific. well i see also you are newly divorced. you need o keep your son away from him and prove to court hes sick set up cameras nanny cam or have someone tape him. i taped this person coming to my houes an abusing me for cellphone .o show how violent he is. 10 15 is also the date this person was born. thats scary. ties to devil

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the symptoms not the root

While I respect the field of medicine and medical diagnosis, I find the the symptoms are often described as the cause and the treatments are often directed to the symptoms. For example, the reference to dopamine receptors and their dysfunction is a symptom, which could maybe even traced to a genetic malfunction or mutation. However what causes the dysfunction or mutation is a valid question. Related to the field of genetics and quantum studies, is a scientific study that claims proof that the emotions and beliefs of a person can be genetically coded - how this happens, frequencies, strength of belief etc. could be variables. However there is a tenet of belief in Judaism that certain demons and angels could be created by man himself by his beliefs, words or actions.

The question is then if man can create these demons that affect him or further can he deliberately create demons that can affect others? The latter is often the situation where witchcraft is involved. My mother related a situation of where they had items flying around the house, phlegm on their pillows when they woke up in the morning and ash put in their food from the fireplace when they cooked a meal. One aunt had the ability to see a hand moving the items around the house. The others could only see the item moving.

Let us study this issue with an open mind. The Lord Jesus cast out demons and He directed us to do the same - See The gospel of Matthew, chapter 28. The Bible also tells us the Wisdom of God is the foolishness of man - 1Corinthians 3:18-20.

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I have also been studying the

I have also been studying the 7 deadly sins via a book by a psychotherapist/professor of Judaism, Solomon Schimmel and it has been incredibly eye opening to the concept of free will but more-over, what "drives it" negatively in the natural realm? I really feel that the Judaic term "supernatural breaking into the natural realm" isn't uniquely specific to the Almighty's Power. I think the supernatural, super-imposed itself somehow nagatively, in the natural realm at the beginning of time. Thus explaining the serpent's role in the fall of man but, even before that, maybe? How else do we explain the horrifically unexplainable, sans creation, like Cain murdering Abel? And other modern day acts of horror?

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Can you please elaborate? I

Can you please elaborate? I too, am a believer in Judaism and Quantum Physics. I have been trying to make the connection between mental illness/addictions/abusive disorders, and spiritual warfare. I have a wild notion that demonic influence is running rampant on the planet and that a certain percentage of what a person perpetrates is comprised of 3 factors. 1) Free will, 2) demonic influence, and 3) neurobiology. I think I can go into prisons someday, and really help people pull back the rug on their own actions, expose the face of the enemy, and use spiritual warfare as a means for rehabilitation. I may be batshit crazy, but I want to use it to help people stop hurting people, and to me, that makes me pretty sane. Maybe you can help me further?

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Demonic Possession

I find spirit possession to be very real, and genuine folks suffer form it.
If you have a solution, I am sure many will be very happy for your psychic
solution. Her is a good article I stumbled across online called, by some who are into it,
and have found its dark
contents to be scary , though accurate. Some of the spirit manifestations it says
blow my mind.

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Hi Jimmy,, in your post you stated here is an article...but I never could find it. Could you repost so I can read it? Thanks!

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Sad and pathetic Psychologists cannot comprehend truth

It is very sad to see that Psychologists are studying the wrong doctrines. Concepts notions and ideas but no science. They spread their imaginational theories all over the internet to capture those who are gullible to believe that they need psychotropic drug treatment. Like leaches they then move in for the kill to entrap their victim by persuading their families whom have a lack of knowledge into believing the obvious and childlike belief of a chemical imbalance that no one has ever seen a laboratory or clinical document in the history of mankind to prove this. They rely on serotonin but noone can ever open the brain of a sufferer while he or she is alive and identifiy and extract the chemical to prove this. Now the next stage of the kill is to get those masses into their psuedo beliefs and instigate toxin treatment to kill off their senses until satan damages their nervous system and brain to the extent that most people would refer to as a Zombie. Do not fool with satan's workers. They will say anything to persuade families that their little children need drugs. These are legalised drug pushers and are hiding behind their authority, empowering themselves with salaries of astronomical proportions and utilising the medical insurance empires to gain credibility and power. This is evil in its prime. Hitler has nothing on these devil workers. I hope the fathers of all the children who died as a result of taking these drugs become vigilantes in their own right where the law has failed.

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i need medical proof asap!

i am doing a reseach project on this subject and i do believe that demonic possesion is indeed linked to certain medical conditions, but unfortuately the head of the school wants "medical proof" so if you could help me with this i would forever be greatful!!!

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There is a group of Doctors, and Mental help physicians that work at the Institute of Health in Connecticut that have assisted mental patients through exorcism. The group is called HOPE.

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Over the past few months

Over the past few months while coming off of Paxil I've gone through several periods of extreme mania, during these events I have experienced some demonic activity, that has at times left an over abundance of circumstantial evidence to hinting at it's truth. However I really don't think it would be possible to every find hard scientific evidence, and most of my experiences can be explained by a manic state. I believe the fallen were once "Watchers" as described in the book of Enoch. It would be like finding hard evidence of bigfoot or aliens, you'll spend your life chasing a ghost lots of people are witness to it but there's never hard evidence. Here's a few examples of recent experiences:

I've had OBE's in which I came back with knowledge of future events, relating to friends and family members. It really unnerves people when you tell them what they did or said from 100 miles away, especially when they have just called you to tell you about what just happened.

While watching tv with some friends we heard and saw an invisible being run through the room unlock the dead bolt on the front door open it and slam it shut. They had recently moved because of a haunting and I was saying the Lord's Prayer at the time.

Things flying across the room and breaking, that are out of reach of human hands.

There have been more events these are just the ones that defy all other explanation. Knowing that I'm atleast temporarily going through manic episodes, I dismiss some of these things, it's not always easy, especially when there are other witness's.

These events would send me jumping out of my skin ordinarily, just after Paxil I have no emotional response to even sudden or possibly life threatining events sometimes to anything at all.

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paxil and other

WHo put you on paxil. first of all don't u listen to news. Paxil lawsuits are all over the place. it makes people crazy. The US army in the movie men who stared at goats must all belong on paxil along with whoever paid their way, because they were dealing with the use of psychic powers mental powers to kill invade a human mind and disable terrorize as a psychic war fare project. it is based on what is called or distorted as demoinic possession is really a psychic attack by a person or being who wants to prove psychic powers. i can't tell u how many aggressive cocaine moving assholes i have met who bragged about their powers and to do harm or read others minds and are out of control on power.
this is a psychic assault. It is important for someone to get in control of their mind if they feel they are vulnerable to attack. paxil doesn't help u control. it makes u a zombie. its discipline and its deadly to be under an attack because the person is usually out to kill and wreak as much havoc on a life as possible. a joker in a deck of cards.
i had experiences and i was out to be that one to prove. Not only because people barged and also showed off proved what they were doing. But i was also very credible. to drive me insane or make e incoherent was the aim because no one wants someone to blow their cover and the more the victim can't function or become incredulized the easier it is to abuse and keep someone a victim and society is in dark ages. i wanted to be that one. TO make it easy to distinguish and to know what goes on. with movies like men who stared at goats. What is the problem. its obvious someone knows something and why are they drugging innocent kids and people for having natural ability and experiences as in war fare. war happens not just in war but daily on street. people have intentions and they will want to get off with murder in any way. Using mental powers is as old as jesus. so beware and be on guard and don't believe ur the one who is insane. its not as rare or unusual as u think.

crystal dash's picture

paxil in children

i need to have someone email me this information about how dangerous meds can do in a little child system

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demonic possesion and medical condtions

I have done live researchy on this. I had suffered ptsd. No medical condtions caused what i saw go on. when someone suffers traumtic shock.they become more vulnerable to enviormental attacks. such as people with abusive somalian pirate mentalities who would attack another persons mind soul to gain profit or kill. its like that. just as hackers have intentions people like sharks are conciously watching others minds body spirit. i also live in Jamaica wi where people watch others minds body spirit more so to get at them and make a living. it is unfortunate that is way world works. the movie men who stared at goats has all to do with somoenes intent to hone mental powers to invade attack rob kill another person via this method . i have seen this first hand and have escaped and also rise back up only to have recentlybecome a victim of someons intent. the attacks begin if the psreon sees the victim as vulnerable. someimts they make a mistake. but wont let up.. this constant battering might also break a mans will down and cause blood preasure problems and heart and stroke , some brain condtions might contribute to this , andalso visa versa. right now i began t suffer brain problems seizurs from someone trying to hijack my soul mind.. and make me very weak sick. despite my strong will to survive and be that one to over power and to expose. i am now maybe defeted. the prson who attacked me this time , was one of a crew. i can prove this beyond doubt. he was not one person there were many all who boasted bragged or flaunte d intent or powers to use psychic mind to kill or abuse rob another person . this time it was a rasta wtih a mental illness. also hearing voices from outside telling him..
i was in a dr office inst vincent hospital in nyc. it was years into myescape and rise nad hold on to my happy life. the dr was a nervous dishonest skinny med student. at first he pl;ayed helpful. then suddenly i heard a loud voice over back of me tell him." ask her where her art is" was it in her computer. i felt a light around back of my head and the voice come off this. it was not god. it was more of a sinister person. suddenly this dr got a mad lookin his eyes and began to attack me and ask me.," where was my art ? was it in my computer? hu huh.. so was thsi me telling him. not no way.. not at all. it was frome someone outside who had a in for me and was doing all they could to take me back down and to abuse me terrorize me. one of them a gay male who boasted hsi evil witchcraft powers to me and said he would do evil and also one hatian skateboarder cocaine addict boy who i got rid of in my life who also said he would kill me this way.
i feel sometimes brain tumors can produce condtions, and other, but there is also forces ofevil and people using forces todo what bullies do everyday.. just using their mind and also murder.. its a game of power.. control and elatino to kill someone this way..

Ni Ni's picture

Demonic or Phsycotic Mother

I used to read the bible a lot with my family when I was younger, but I don't know what's going on with my Mom lately. First she's fine, than I leave the room and she's downstairs in our home's living room beating herself and cursing. Whenever my family confronts her she goes off into these voices and tells us that a church we used to go to is demonically controlling her. I know from our family history that we used to live in a house with two demons in it. My sister and mother saw them as shadows because the holy spirit had opened their eyes. It was kinda creepy. I've had many dreams since then. One dream was with a shadow in the form of a child, and it was creepy because it kept asking me to be it's friend. I also had a dream that one of them was sitting on our couch in the living room of our new house, and I asked him who he was because he frightened me when I saw him. He responded and told me "I'm not going anywhere." When I was younger it felt like something or somethings were watching my family. I fell off my bible study because of the situation and I have been complaining a lot, but I'm happy from reading this article and it comments. I know what to do now. Read my bible and repent since I have made a lot of mistakes. The only thing is that I'm afraid to pray because, while I complained I talked a lot about God's people due to the fact that they would claim Christ and not act like a follower should. I'm afraid he's going to smite me or something. So, what should I do?

Elaine Ellis's picture

Devil and Demonic Possession as Explanations for Madness

Melissa Bromwell, you have written an interesting and insightful post. I am currently completing Postgraduate Study towards becoming a Clinical Psychologist, and have a huge interest in the subject of Mental Health, having worked for many years as a Social Worker in a medium secure facility for mentally disordered offenders.
Mental illness, madness, insanity - call it what you will... ever since early civilization, humankind has sought explanations for people's psychological and emotional differences. Attempts were made to explain and understand what goes on in the mind, and to account for they symptoms of what we now know to be Psychiatric disorders. Such explanations could only ever be "of their time" - that is, they were based upon knowledge available to people living in different eras - and they were clearly the products of society as a "construct". That is to say, humans define for themselves what kind of a society they live in; they set its rules and moral codes, define its "norms", and put together the networks and infrastructure that contribute to the building of a society. The existence of society is dependent upon a number of factors, not least human beliefs. As a result, societies change and evolve over time, along with advancements in thinking, technology, education, and the like. Societies also differ across geographical areas, and this is often influences by specific environmental conditions, access to technology, belief systems, and other cultural factors.
In the fervently religious pre-Asylum "Western" civilizations, the concept of "madness" espoused Christian notions of "Demonic possession" and "sin". Even today, in some developing nations this concept remains - in some African cultures "madness" is thought to be linked to witchcraft, whereas in some Native American Indian cultures people who are deemed "mad " are seen as fearful and threatening due to the presence of "evil spirits". They may be put to death for this.
Perhaps the reasons that people look to such things as the "Devil" and "demons" as explanations for madness is well-exemplified by such examples from developing nations? Where there is an absence of any other means of explanation, people revert to age-old superstitions, and old-fashioned beliefs. They look to the "supernatural" as a way of trying to explain the presence of phenomena that, culturally, societally and scientifically, they are not able to understand.
Devils and demons are ancient concepts - things that we have all become familiar with. Just like fairies and father Christmas, their TRUE existence is very doubtful (after all, WHERE is the empirical evidence?), but we are brought up as little children to believe in them. This is perhaps because they are very simple, easy-to-grasp explanations for things that are otherwise hard to understand and to accept.
In pre-scientific cultures (i.e. the Western world before the Renaissance; and some present-day developing nations) Religion provided answers and explanations for why things were the way they were. Devils and demons were good ways of explaining the presence of evil in the world. They allowed people to externalise negative feelings and emotions - and, in a way, defer responsibility. For; and here is the uncomfortable part; if one accepts that devils and the like DO NOT exist, then one also HAS to accept that feelings such as greed, jealousy, anger, bitterness... ARE OUR OWN. They are not "tests" or "temptations" put there by evil bogeys. They are our OWN thoughts, feelings and emotions. We must take FULL RESPONSIBILITY.
I can only say that I think it is desperately sad to see some of the comments that people have sent in. I cannot understand the need to criticise. I also cannot understand why it is that, for some people (they know who they are!), as soon as the words "God" ,"Devil" or "religion" are mentioned ALL rational discourse goes straight out of the window!
From what I read, Ms. Bramwell was NOT writing a critique of Christianity! She was writing about past beliefs, and looking at why madness was once explained as "demonic possession". That does NOT warrant page after page of responses wittering on about "Christianity, and they ONLY way is Jesus"!! Nowhere in her blog is Ms. Bramwell asking to be converted!
Truth is - people find their OWN way. Those who WANT religion find it, those who don't DO NOT. END OF SUBJECT.
It's such a pity that "God botherers" have so little else to do with their lives. With all that time on their hands, maybe its TIME to READ UP on SCIENCE, on MEDICINE, on PSYCHOLOGY and PSYCHIATRY. WE LIVE IN THE 21ST CENTURY, you know!!!!

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one truth one reality and one god,

People on earth can not be deaf dumb blind to survive. but seems some are. nothing it says in bible does not go on now. The concept of demon as a negative power force of person in society is real it won't go away unless someone defeat it, and it has not to do with ancient culture just that mans mind has not changed in times. people trying to possess others minds body abuse kill is still a human concern. right? same as days of jesus. the concept of madness comes from sources of abuse , trauma and demonic people evil do exist. if u saw the movie men who stared at goats. it seems the us army has gotten the concept of being able to use mental psychic powers in same way other free agents have all along. i live in black society and white, and no difference in me seeing the likes of some people who feel they are powerful mentally to abuse or get to minds of innocent or persons they are jealous of to destroy them. see also the movies devils advocate. serpent and rain bow, witches of east wick, and if i recall few more where the use of mental powers to take over enter mind of someone and torment or kill them is the theme or present. its in every culture if u read up on it. I have see people try to do this to me. also brag. some silently contemplate it in rasta culture its called the mystic vibe or in jamaican. people who feel they are mystical have psychic insight .but they feel more powerful than they are or special as most people do have psychic senses.. just some people use it for evil and others not or not at all use it.
there are people where who will deny it, and some deny it to feel secretive and fool others to deny it. Jesus talked about what was real. jesus was a sensitive person and he faced others who ware flaunting power and used it for evil. he called them antichrist. have encountered enough anti christ persons in my life and escaped some defeated only to be than again taken down by persons who felt like in movie men who stared at goats.. that they can kill torment or make sick someone to death with this. it is a very evil means of murder as there seems to be no perp, and the victim then becomes the criminal because they force the person to go mad and commit crimes or kill themselves.
i have been studying life people and this for 38 years since i saw it go on first hand and encountered people up to last person who threaten me who made me sick and others unseen with intention to take a soul out of someone who is more talented wealthy or successful young happy than them. they also suffer from same conditions as any other perp. mostly borderline narcissistic sadomasocisitc borderline disorder. they feel happy to abuse. where others feel they need to help they feel driven to kill abuse over power and make sick. they are also empowered by people who are stupid insecure. needly and have interest to make friends and protet people who are evil..
they are called enablers. some are blind to what goes on some are intentional. just creepy or looking for love from al wrong places.
I have seen people use their psychic for very evil intent to over power good and as a good persons others did not protect me. i wars told if i opened my mouth about this they would make me look like the demon. put me in cement shoes and other..

I don't know if your comment was pro or con. but i do believe in god or a spirit. i see jesus was an intelligent man on an ignorant planet and that is a penance to live with..
the bible has stories of all kinds wickedness go on then just at it goes on now, people had presences demons and came to jesus with this as he understood life clearly, and knew what to do. his methods i saw coincided with my own nature to combat what was going on. i do feel that medicine science and all else should come together and get real stop denying this or make it look more mystical than it is and use the insight to help those who are victims. maybe in study of psychology you might introduce this into a curriculum and save lives. i wrote the man who was subject of the book men who stared at goats. it is obvious the use arm is aware of the use of mystical forces on minds of others to kill , its not a new thing. he did not reply . i felt that was cold.. and had no concern that lives could be lost or spared. so be it.. world is full of to many creeps looking for that way to get rich off of someones life soul and this is one way also to kill and abuse.. life will not change unless people stand up.

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This is LAME!!

Everone who think this is true needs to get a life and are only possessive to other men!

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Study the bible. Jesus is the

Study the bible. Jesus is the ONLY way. Nothing happens over night. Don't give up. Keep praying and asking Jesus into your life and to help you over come sin. No ones perfect here on earth and Jesus knows that. Don't keep beating yourselves up. I pray for all of you, even you non believers. There is hope for us all!! By asking for jesus into your life and having faith that he is there right next to you all things are possible. Bless you all and keep seeking.

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People who have time read this give thought

1. No person has any greater authority then another in Christ Jesus - for all are the same
2. If you are having problems of any kind Give your Life to Christ so you can establish "greater authority" in your life. If you find this difficult due to your situation than talk a Pastor of any Church - Catholic.. seek help and you will find it.
3. Pray and pray more for Gods wisdom on what to do - see a Dr. or Priest/Pastor/Christian to find guidance and deliverance.
4. The Devil is real but having Christ allows you to overcome anything "All things are possible" - no "Greater name then Jesus" - If the one who cast out the demons resides in you, then how great is that power? - have faith.

I have read a lot of pain and suffering on here. I pray that the God of hope will deliver you and restore you. That you would know Jesus fully and would follow him wholeheartedly. That you will know him not just as Savior but Lord as well. May the Lord Almighty keep you and protect you always - May he deliver you from evil one and temptation. In the name of Jesus - Amen.

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Remember Christ in the

Remember Christ in the wilderness, he identified for us 3 avenues Satan will use to tempt:

1: Desires of the flesh and appetites

This refers to all our fleshly struggles, if we leave open avenues with glutony, eating unclean foods, debasing the mind with foods that are not nourishing and are for pleasure only, this may be one avenue Satan will use to tempt us, once he has lead us and we fall, we must repent and pray to OUr Lord to help us in overcoming our appetites and passions of the flesh. Masturbation, drugs, unclean and unpure foods, laziness, all constitute desires of the flesh. Read Proverbs for more insight.

2: The Temptation of presumption

Presumption is to assume God will protect us, help us and deliver us even though we have not done our part. A good story of presumption and the consequences fo falling into temtpation to this sin is in Numbers 16, the story of Korah.
Also examine Deuteronomy 17: 12-13.

3: The temptation of worldly desires.

Every one of us enjoys the comforts of life, and perhaps there are times we create idols of our worldly possessions, perhaps not intending to. However, when we are tempted in this area, Satan will often present as an "angel of light" deceiving us to beleive giving into the temptation for worldly riches, power or wahtever is the best thing to do. If you do not read your Bible and have a personal relationship with Christ Jesus then we often will not be abel to identify Satan leading us into bondage.

Perhaps as we examine our lives we will find many thigns we can turn over to our Savior, closing the entry opened by giving in to temtpation and thus preventing Satan from setting up a fortress in our soul. ONce He has set up that fortress, Accepting Christ Jesus and through fasting, prayer and beleif in Christ power to remove Satan is the ONLY way Satan and his demons can be cast out!!!

Christ was led by the Holy Spirit into a desolate area, there to be tested by the devil. Three temptations were set before Him. Christ overcame the adversary in each of the three areas of temptation. Now it is our turn. Every believer is tested in each of the three areas of temptation. Through the Word of God, the body and blood of Christ, and the help of the Holy Spirit, each of us can obtain victory in the wilderness of this life.

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The Bible is clear, you can

The Bible is clear, you can not bind the strong man (a demon) unless you have someone stronger in your life (Jesus Christ). In turn you can not receive Christ unless you have put your faith in Him and have repented of your sins.

It is the sin that gives the devil the cover to do his dirty business, but it is Jesus that gives us the power over sin and the devil. Unfortunately many traditional churches are more like the whore of Babylon described in Revelations. They harbor occultic practices that will make the situation worse.

I would never go to a catholic priest or a catholic church to get help with a problem with demons. Find a spirit filled Bible believing church and get the prayers of ordinary spirit filled christians to help you.

If you show genuine repentence for your sins and root out all occultic activities (oiuja board, lottery, tarot, horoscope, psychics, consulting the dead, new age religion, wafer bread worship, Mary idolatry, rosary, prayer to saints, statues etc. etc.) and then ask Jesus to come and sup with you and give you his promised Holy Spirit, read your Bible, get baptized, pray and receive prayer, those demons will run so fast to get away from you your head will be spinning.

It doesn't matter how 'badly' you've sinned. Jesus death on the cross, burial and resurrection has the power to forgive them all. Nothing can separate you from the love of Christ and there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. In him you can be as pure as snow, and come boldly before God with a clean conscience. Your sins are paltry compared to the surpassing grace and the glory of God and His only begotten son Jesus Christ.

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For goodness' sake!

Okay guys,
I'm sick of this bullshit.
You think you've all led hard lives and been taken over by some ill-meaning devil??
It's a well-known fact that humans are amazingly good at telling themselves lies and believing them.

I challenge you to stop feeling so sorry for yourselves and see those around who are worse off in life!! Every day I drive to work and see the young children of illegal mexican immigrants selling fruit by the side of the road so that their families can eat that day.

Stop feeling so sorry for yourselves, get yourself to a doctor pronto (preferably a psychiatrist), and do something productive with your lives.

Doctors are not trying to push medications on their patients, they are genuinely trying to help. Doctors are about as saintly as you will ever find on this living earth. How should I know? I happen to be one, an MDPhD in fact, who has suffered with severe, repeated episodes of depression since childhood. When I feel like sleeping all day, killing myself, and wonder what hell on earth I must be living, I drag my pathetic ass out of bed, go drive by those poor children at the side of the road, and feel how very pleasant it is to have shoes on my feet and food in my cupboards. I care very much for my patients and feel their pain. I also know that those who get better are those ones who take responsibility for the crap that happens to them.

There is no such thing as the devil, only the human brain, and you all should stop deluding yourselves and do something productive with your lives. You are fortunate just to be here typing away on your computer while children all over the world are starving and dying.

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I just have to say just because your a doctor don't mean you know everything I can't say that people who are feeling bad for themselves are telling the truth or just want attention cuz it is possible for people to lie on the internet We will never know them or meet them but I suffer from a lot of mental illness but I also got a abused as a child and I don't like that you think that people who ever experience with demonic entity or been possessed I do believe in that stuff but can't proof if its real or not everyone has there on beliefs and options on this but I'm gonna tell you something about my experience with my hallucinations my hallucinations didn't start til I lived on my own which I was 19 at the time I lived on my own for about 3 weeks when I started seeing demonic faces on my walls I just thought it was anxiety of living on my own but these faces kept appearing every night so I couldn't sleep unless the tv was on cuz I was terrified of them at the time I didn't really know what hallucinations really was I heard of it but didn't know what it really meant I also forgot to say I'm also austic and have mild mental retardation and I hid what I was experiencing for a month until I reached a breaking point and at this time I was believing my house was haunted but I finally told my psychairist about what was going on and she said I had hallucinations so she prescribed me seoquel but at the time I refused to take them cuz they were psychotic pills about a year after she prescribed them I started taking them my hallucinations went from not that bad to severe and I ended up in a mental intuition that's how bad they were after I got released I saw my psychairist and she prescribed me another psychotic pill which works better but now I'm starting to have delusions I see her tomorrow so she will either add medication or upper my dosage but my whole point of this is that when my hallucinations were bad I was believing I was possessed even though o wasn't once I started my new medication that thought and feeling went away but the point is there are people out there that really do get possessed and then there's people who do have some type of mental illness that make them believe they are when there not it is hard to tell if there mentally ill to they really are possessed

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sick since 2001. Extreme isolation. Walked out of every job I ever had, for no good reason other than I felt compelled to do so. Seemingly able to read other people's thoughts but not able to control them. Moved around a lot, unable to settle. Have been an outspoken blasphemist since 2001, whereas before I was willing to believe and did believe. Am being affected phsically now. Many abscesses. Ears, face, inside of leg. Extremely poor personal hygiene. Not able to care about loved ones or feel anything for anyone but myself. Many problems with sleep. Addicted to masturbation. Dying very slowly. Cannot go to church, cannot go anywhere. Many lost memories and the feeling that the last 8 years have been a blank. Not the person I used to be. I know that I will be made to suffer for this call for help. Dont ask me to go to church or meet a priest. It's not going to happen. If you are able to, please pray for me. It's probably the last hope I have left. I am unable to pray for myself as my belief has been snuffed out. Have felt an affinity towards St Michael in the past, but never knew why. Now I know. I need to turn my life around but am not being allowed to do so. Am being followed everywhere I run to. Help.

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Read God's word the Bible. He

Read God's word the Bible. He will speak through it and provide you with the wisdom you need.

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My heart breaks to read this

My heart breaks to read this post. I have said a great prayer for you. Dont give up and try not to let the negitive overwhelm you. It may sound easier said then done but you must always remember the light no matter what look for the light. I will keep you in my prayers. Even if you feel no god right now, you have the power within you. Please dont give up. Your the leader of your fight. Any positive energy that i can cast your way i hope you will recieve. I wish you peace and love!

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Demonic Possession

It is heartening to note such brave efforts are made at the scientific and educational level. Kudos to you. May your effort open the eyes of many to the various other possibilities in certain mental afflictions and that there are some things even beyond are our objective 5-sense views. Instead, let us make a brave effort of searching in all possible areas in all possible ways at this night, not just where the limited flashlight beam points.

There was a time when almost most western scientists were positively sure that all diseases, even mental diseases were due to definite pathologenesis somewhere in the body/nervous system.

The development of psychology and psychiatry brought about the concept of the mind and its illness, especially even when there were no observable pathology in any of the body systems. Even now, the concept of mind is quite weak and undefinable, and humans are studied only in an very objective way, like animals, mainly their behaviour and experiences. This focus makes psychiatry is an objective science, but incomplete, because there are many aspects of the mind that we are still not fully aware of.

There are many gray areas that can be sometimes assumed, hypothesied or concluded by psychiatrists/psychologists of high ranking to promote ethically and morally wrong philosophies, perverted lifestyles, etc., Knowledge gives power. Power without morality leads to playing with such terms like sexual differentiation or discrimination, sexual expression or repression, nature or nurture, natural behavior or conditioned behavior, your point of view and my point of view, etc., etc., etc. There are many other such terms (a student of psychology would know better), which could be verily misused or abused.

Today, USA is the most mentally sick nation because the people are blindly selling themselves to so-called great personalities (not God) without question or discernment. Good discernment and good sense comes by differentiation of good and evil, moral and immoral, clean and unclean, and wrong and right, which we get from wholesome religion (any mainline religions), which is absolutely prohibited from the present American society, educational system, etc., in a sinister way.

We should take into consideration, we are not just body (fully objective science) and mind (partially objective science), but spirit (not objective to science, but present).

We are not taking into consideration the spiritual aspect of a person (knowingly or unknowingly) or we would not have been suffering from so many mental/spiritual illnesses. Overriding of the spiritual dimension in an excuse for personal, psychological, familial or sexual progress/happiness, etc., is one great route of all evil and all diseases in your nation, I believe, even the physical diseases.

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Your bleak outlook on the US is most discouraging. No, our nation is not perfect, far from it. But it's the pescimistic people like yourself that help to tear the very walls of morality from it all. Have some fucking hope. Say some prayers. Whom among us is perfect? Name him! None...I suggest you take your negativity to sleep with you, maybe then you'll realize that only WE can save the nation. Keep thinking this way, and we are all dead. DO you not realize that it takes us all to pick up the pieces? Yes we are a nation in peril, but for GOD's sake if not our own, grow a pair of balls and stop being so fucking self righteous. Have some hope, if we can't, then we're all doomed.

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Religion and Science

I think it's strange how when people, dont understand something with their scientific methods, they automatically look for ways of diagnosing others as crazy, or psychotic. Just because they haven't had any religious experiences, they assume it's a made up scam to brainwash people. I know for fact that good and evil forces, toy with, tempt, and even drive certain souls to suicide. It's just a game to these spirits, humanity isn't the only spirits our god of creation gave life to. We are one of the only spirits that have free will, and divine forces can only do so much. I know god defeats and sees all, however, by interfering too much, we will become dependent on him to win our battles for us. The one thing I have learned that's most important to me, is that not only do the dark spirits gain power from hate, fear, and deception, but there majority of power comes from the human spirit's will to give up on everything (ethics, beleifs, even life). Only you can decide to never give up, and keep in mind, to god, a hundred years is a drop in the bucket. Compared to the future peace we have been promised, these trials and tribulations are a small sign, of how far we are willing to go, to acheive eternal peace and superiority over every other spirits. There is much controversy over evolution, I beleive that god allowed evolution to take place, to see all these super genious scientists, show their true intelligence. Not saying I have all the answers, I truely feel sorry for, and pray for possessed people, but to see how they are treated, by the successful people, remains to sicken me. Keep in mind, the reason Satan despises us, is we will acheive a peace that he can't destroy, and there isn't many things he can't destroy, (it shows he is not as powerful as he convinces his following spirits, whether they be human or not). I'm open for opinions on this discussion anytime.

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demonic possession

I beleive in what u say. because i have been exposed to emulations of satan. Where my life was good. The fear of being exposed or for someone to over power evil or dirty players. I felt that what betook my life had to do with the persons i was exposed to i life job work, had verbaly admited with intent to try to do me in. I was at most point to strong. i was unafraid to stand up.
In a traumatic overthrow i was run into path by same persons into a person with even more sick obsessive means to try to play the game dirty. this persno was put i my path for intentions to do damage to me so rest of players could then get at me to take me down. i began to suffer. the tragic thing was that if a doctor had treated me for any of my condtions i would not have lost my footing or place. i was left suffering tragicly.
i felt to that his weakness were exposed to the persons who had intentions to take me and he was diong their work. i saw that.
Any one with a weakness became a took for the forces bearing down on me tearing me up. for no sensible reason or nothing that made sense. i was left this helpless victim.
it was like out of vanhelsig. i began to exhaust and to suffer and my life and fate now at hand of primarily dirty people in game. they use very clever means . personso f weak nature did their job. i was made to look like i was bad or sick. NOT TRUe. i became sick from lack of respect to my life. the people who flaunted them self also hide themself from others who they use. kind of like bad evil children.
THeres always that idiot bimbo who cant understand the game who wont beleive or cant come to terms.
i understand the intent. what im lost to now is who to go to to tell what had gone on to save my life.

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demonic possession

Since im currently been a victim of all of what has been talked about in this article main above. i wonder if anyone has any sources of antisourcery persons in power or riding people of demons if u want to call them that. i feel more that it is not a devil from past but people in real time world now who are possing violent threat to minds bodies of persons who becaome traumaticly vulnerable to that kind of psychic infiltration. although it is all over the bible and jesus has the power to see and to rid people because jesus was a person of spirit power, but he became a victim too in end.

the so called demons try to take a strong hold on a person for a reason. weather it is profit from that persons power soul or some quality or just to abuse someone.
i have been a victim of peoples intent to demonicly possess my life soul in past and now.. in past i won one battle and escaped in prensent as i became sick and in a more vulnerable spot like any other gangster or poki man war fare the enemy will try to become more clever on second time around like Taliban..

i dont beleive mental illness can not be caused by demons and from what i saw go on my situation was caused by this person wiht an intent to do mental harm and did..
they had a plan an intent to specificly terrorize and attack the part of mind and brain to inflict terror and hell upon my life . also playing the fact that common people in medical profession are trained to dope up people and drug people and not look at cause. leaving a mile for the victimizer to get off with criminal intent. harm and destroy a person if they cant muster the physical strenths to endure. im married to satans emulation. someone who as a young person made this his dream. i also worked with sociopaths also who made that their goal.. its kind of a sick dream to be able to kill someone without being seen or heard and that person suffer the humiliation by society also of being labled mentally ill. it only takes one small hole in persons FIREWALL. when someone becomes unstable. if someone wont go down and is not as unstable as one wants them to be . alot of ill luck will be put on them to create damages. deaths of friend theft and alot of strange and tragic trauma. trauma causes cracks in ones system which leaves holes for the agressor to enter.. Its a big thing among black people. not just black on white but black on black.. blue green etc.

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Truth of mental illness

I was blamed as having psychosis by psychiatrists. I sniggered at them and smuggled a Bible into hospital, taking none of their toxin drugs, as they told me to when I got out. After asking God in a prayer why I was suffering like this, he replied with a vision; I received the words "AVA VISTA" in my sleep. Would anyone like to attempt to decipher the words ? I will spare all you atheists, doubters, skeptics and unbelievers the effort, since you all most probably neither find the equal effort of reading scripture on a regular basis. The words are Latin and together it means "SEE YOUR SIN " These are end times and spirits are running free in this world. I suggest you all make yourselves prepared with Jesus - and anyone who thinks that you get life and all the complications of this world through an explosion, then it is you dear friends who need help. Because you are mentioned in the Bible as the Retrobates in " Romans ". Unbelief is caused by lack of knowledge. Get on a plane and go to Palestine. See for yourselves why the vast majority - over 95% of israelis believe in a God. The Bible is history and God allows affliction where it is deemed necessary. It is not punishment. All those suffering reading this, try fasting and prayer. You have been denied the truth because of your western society upbringing. You have been taught in ways for careers and financial prospects. Because of this, your morals and personal standards have stooped to an all time low, with greater sins than ever before. Give yourselves the chance you were given when you entered into this world before you were made corrupt by this world and it's wickedness. Many people have false beliefs, like people who pray in the East and do not have computers and the like, are less intelligent than we westerners. Fact is your pre occupations have blinded you all. Fancy making names like phantom limb syndrome, which is without doubt your spirit. All these names are made by man for man.It takes a higher power than a psychologist to phathom out the brain. Why do we succumb to psychologists whom make out they are qualified doctors. They have no more intellect than anyone else. It is when you succumb to their labelling system for the brain - which is laughable - that depicts whether you have a so called mental illness or not. Have you ever known anyone who has confronted a psychologist and not been labelled ? We are all born perfect in our own ways. But we will be blamed for our traits. I walked into a psychologists office and thought I'd just nod rather than say anything as I knew I would be labelled. I was told that I have a rather big twitch. Lets all pretend that we believe them, then walk out and snigger, just like all other so called patients or normal people. The UK is an Ungodly Nation. All the churches are closing down as the town centres are full on a saturday night. Who wants to get up on a Sunday and go to church nowadays ....maybe if there is a football match on, but not church. Priests have become a uniform and a salary, but the mental institutions are expandng.

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Ava Vista?

Dear anonymous, (@ "Truth of mental illness")

"Ava vista," does not mean "see your sin" in Latin or any other language. "Ava" is Latin for "grandmother."
Latin for sin is "pecata." "Vista" is an Italian word, not a Latin one, and means the same thing it means in English.

Just thought I'd let you know.

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Kudos to you, my friend. Your response is right on target and you are full of wisdom, being taught by God. thanks for sharing.

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I was wondering...If one is

I was wondering...If one is born a "psychic vampire" but is faithful to the gospel, are they possessed from birth and infected with evil, or are they innocent, and not knowing whether or not they would be the way they are.

Also, would such beings be allowed into the gates of heaven?

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The Gospel and the Gates of Heaven

Dear Wondering,
Vampires belong to the devil and the Kingdom of Darkness, not to God. The kingdom of Heaven belongs to God.
People who dabble in the occult or practice witchcraft are fair game for the devil. They are foolish and will regret it big time.
People who seek God, look to the New Testament which is the good news story of Jesus Christ and God's plan for us and our salvation. These are the wise.
You would be wise to check it out, not only on the internet under "God's plan for our salvation", but also in a church that has some good teachers and ministers that make you feel at home.
To answer your last question, Jesus said in the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 7 & 9, "I tell you the truth, I am the gate for the sheep...whoever enters through me will be saved. He will come in (to heaven) and go out, and find pasture." The Gospel of John in the New Testament is a good place to begin seeking knowledge of God. Start by asking God to open up your heart and mind and give you conviction that this is the truth.
Vampires and anything in the invisible world that do not testify that Jesus is the Son of God whom God has made both Lord and Saviour are to be rejected. That is how you test the "spirits" to see whether or not they are sent by God and equipped by God to do God's will.
Seek 'with God' and you will find rewards that money can't buy. That is one of His unbreakable promises.
God love you.

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demonic possession

Since this has been around since and before Jesus.. and is in every culture,, there is reason. There is areason because certain people like to abuse, drugs power and others..
some people shine and some dont. some us it for good others for evil . some people can life with what they have and get honestly others need to do dirty things to get attention. it makes them feel they are youthful. in reality its the work of someone with a youth problem.someone who is not as young as other .this person will also try to age the victim. as a innocent will not abuse. a damaged demon will abuse. Children of innocence do not need evil. it is a disturbed child who does bad. There for to the parent is responsible an trickle down to the demon.. standing up to a demon , and making them know that you are not afraid like one would stand up to a robber.. they operate on same premise. it is hard at times for victim to be able to combat. There for a doctors aid to the wounds and body of the victim is crucial. however doctors try to treat the victim for mental disorder leaving them to suffer weakness of defenses. the doctor become a demoon himslef tothe victim..

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demonic possession

im writing from experience. The fact i had eyes that were younger than most and lived street wise and have seen it all and knew the road was a strong person to god did not stop what happened to me to happen. If you understand human nature of a victimizer they will look for a weaknes a trauma , a small child hood illness something to try to get into to make a wound even if you are overcoming it. I am married to a person who practices a demonic life. He is a Jamaican black and is a animalistic person > the trend is not secular to Black people and or ghetto people or people who practic santeria or other religions of voodoo. it is a inherant human trait . a trait and intent for one person to feel they can imperviate the mind body spirit of another and take out or inhabit the soul.It is usualy a game of a person who feels they are special gifted. In way jesus had powers and satan. They are of two different natures one is power for good and other to do evil. Same way theives use intellegence to kill or rob houses. they hve put their intentions to a way to also feel that stupid white or black people other are ill informed and blind to the ways of street life and other and the fact that persons who become innocent victims of someones intentions to abuse torure and kill by making the victim go insane so that small minded society will further the abuse by misunderstanding madness.
There for the victim becomes an endlessly victimized victim. Because people most people are so used to doctors using mental illness as a way to sell drugs and push their practice the obvious is lost and the person is pushed into the mental health profession.True maybe alot of mental illness may not come from this kind of abuse. it might come from something more phsyical of a domestic violence rape or parental abuse. the other invisible rape and penetration of the victims mind is supposed to act in same mannre or worse.
Im married to satans emulation. It said of satan that he enjoyed his practices and had left heaven willfully. most of the people who do this to people do it to gain power. same as any sociopath. They gain more power when persons of no education and insight see the victim as mad and do not beleive or know about the game. it is a cliche game. i live and worked in nyc. as a young person i was invaded by someone with intent to take over mysoul. i had a unusual talent and was also exposed to many of my sister craven alchoic friends who used people for youth. i was also exposed in school to a prson who was intent on feeling special by using his psychic powers to do this to people.He felt clever. the fact to is he also had self esteem issues and bad parenting.

I had a dysfuntional family. was abused at age 18 . left to the streets of nyc from a honor student with a wound. That would like any animal injungle attracted flies. A fly then bring maggots and my wound was infested . as long as my family lied about the abuse and trauma. i had no defense and was elft to a demonic posession game that lasted 13 years. I fought hard to try to trace the person to the villian ,its intent as i see many here say it is a 24 7 game. This person brought company and it was twenty four seven. once they got a code into my mind itwas hell for me. I was left alone my family were mentally ill and realy could careless but to abuse me more. i knew what was going on.. and i fought.. i refused to let go of my soul and i vowed to prove this game exposet he players of this kind of game because as u see many victims die. Killt themslef or others. For the victimizer to get its victim to kill another go mad brings power. Pleasure and satisfaction of empowerment and overtaking the victim. If they are exposed and someone catches on they are weak. so if this bulleting board can bring people to arms and understanding to look for a victimizer a person with a dark intent in the lives of your loved one. it will bring this to an end. I have waited years to expose the person who got to me. i was sick for years. I got to doctors and knew i was suffering from ptsd related to abuse, and was left neglected.I refused to give up y life to lies. When i was deliverd by a miracle to aplace i got a foot hold on my life struggle. I began to gain faith to fight. i pushed out the negators doctors and before i lost my life soul and chances was given one more time to fight. I gained back most of my life. For 14 years . about 4 years into this recovery and miracle , this black demon was put in my path. I knew it would go like that and i got cought in it anyway. i escaped him and yet another black haitian demon was put in my path. Each time i got to doctors to recover wounds to not be a victim. My doctor did not follow common sense. When a doctor or other doensnt follow common sense they to are part of the demons plan. They are working for him and have lost soul along line to money greed or other.
not strong enough to differentiate the devils voice from god. they act in accordance with evil. They dont even stop to chek.
I continued my climb back to freedom and light. Despite many interventions in my job where a homosexual sociopath also climed alliance with devil and to abuse me this way verbaly.. i remained fixed on my goal to write about talk about and expose this as i had a fame card in my hand and power.
i was gifted . i got myu gifts back did not fall away and moved up . i knew that i was still not save and that this person would do all they could to shut me up..
about 5 years ago a cocain addict also i saw demonicly obsessed got into my life. this perosn wreaked havoc on me while people protected him. he also had a evil gleam in his eyes. i met many like him and he took my life to a all time low. i escaped him and fought for my life. for four years sick from related condtions ofstroke from stress over load , trauma, shock blood preasure and sugar. and then this renewed invasion,, where i was assended upon again. i fought until about october my life ended.
They all took over my life and entered into my wounds in a state of medical neglect exhaustion to feed off my powers my soul and empower them. i was left in a state of madness like no other i can no longer live a life. i was me one second and someone just took my soul reached into my mind and mutilated me . I was in such a state of depletion my defenses were low. I recall the last minute of my normal talented healthy life and a light in my eye. fear as i knew i was unde assault and bravely holding up.And theneed for medical attention.
i got no attention . i was ovepowered and my life is out of a sci fi hell. they took my body and mind and twisted it into a maddening knot..i no longer can see light or speak sing or create work or love.
I feel if i write about this that someone willcatch on. i did try to contact ths man Ralph Sarchi. a man who exploited this situation i feel with an author to make money. as he had no itnerest in any of this.
the response from him was NONE. the author was unsympathetic to even reffer. she also made claims to profits off her interest to write.
So where does one turn. for me there was no place. i had god , and remained healthy with god but they removed god from me fed off who or what theycould of my power and got off with my murder. This is the gods honest truth. this kind of victimizer feels he is clever only when no one challenges actions. Just like any other abuser. He might look like such a sweet kid. a innocent homosexual , a sweet faced black ghetto youth hiding the devil. the intent is to go as far as they can and empower themself off of ignorance and the victim. So gain power uself and beleive this and investigate.If its your child and that child is gifted . it is the soul they take.. jelousy and envy greed.. power is satans tool. Easier to kill them off when persons are no longer stupid or disbelieve...

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Surviving Demonic Possession

To the victims of demonic possession who have been engaged by the enemy of Mankind and of God:

Our Holy Lord God love you and bless you and keep you. You now know that evil exists in the invisible world and that the torture and torment you suffer is a tough lesson about good and evil doers and good and evil powers. Know this with all of your heart and soul, mind and spirit: "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him." John 3: 16, 17.
The Devil and his slaves, using occult weapons that take over your central nervous system and brain, have read your life and have unrighteously judged you and condemned you to be tortured unto death or until they are cast out by the power and authority of the Sovereign and Holy Lord God. Read Ephesians 1:1-14 and know who you are by faith in Christ. By faith in Christ we are "adopted as (God's) children through Jesus Christ" "have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses".. YOU CAN LIVE BY FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST AND SURVIVE THE TORTURE. I know because I am a fellow survivor.

Get qualified Christian counseling and prayer from a Holy Spirit anointed minister or deliverance team and pray together, asking your personal Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ to intercede for you daily and to bring you through the storm. Read the New Testament carefully, and with educated help, in order to be rooted in Christ. Remain so by attending a church where you are nurtured.
THE NEW TESTAMENT IS TO MAKE US WISE FOR SALVATION AND DELIVERANCE FROM EVIL IN JESUS CHRIST. THEY LEAD US TO A HARBOR OF SAFETY. Learn about "the all sufficiency and supremacy of Christ" and be eternally grateful that salvation does not depend on your works but God's works!
Consult your medical doctor and have an examination. He will want to rule out schizophrenia. You may benefit by medication, for the toll on your mind and body from the demonic mind and body attacks can lead to a complete breakdown, such as I experienced. I benefited also from Christian psychologists.
Take it easy. You are under attack and suffering and will not be able to meet some of your former expectations, relationships will suffer and so will your work.
Your attackers are organized, dangerous criminals, with psychopathic minds and occult powers whom few know well and even fewer have the kind of anointing from God (have been given the authority and power from our Holy Lord God) to effectively cast them out so that the Kingdom of God will come to you. It is by the grace and power of God that we are GIVEN the victory.
STAY AWAY FROM PSYCHICS and mediums and healers for their occult abilities and powers are give by the Devil, not God.
Notice how psychics and demonic spirits NEVER testify about the glory and holiness of God the Father or Jesus Christ, God the Son.

To the friends and family of the persons under demonic trial:

The demonic spirits take over and remove, to varying degrees, a persons self-control. Pray for them. Accompany them to a knowledgeable, Holy Spirit filled minister and be there for them and at the same time, get them to a doctor for a full assessment to rule out other disorders.
Remove any and all occultic materials, objects from the home. Cease any compromising activities. Get Neil Anderson's books and the workbook "Steps to Freedom in Christ" and learn who we are by faith in Christ.
You are not qualified by God to judge others but instead asked by God to love others and be forgiving, as God has loved us and forgives us.
This is a scary wake-up call. Learn the lessons for yourself.

"To him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy-to the only God our Saviour be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore! Amen." Jude 1:24,25

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survivors of demonic possession. i disagree with some of this

I had also been a victim of this. i was also a survivor. then a victim a fatality. i want to disagree on some parts and make mention of others. PSYCHIC powers are not devils tools.CHrist had psychic powers. And that devil was an angel before he was or walked out of heaven so he was of a power and thos powers were then used for evil not good. Christ used his for good. Unfortunatley there are powerful people or empowered people on earth. and they can do good or evil from what i have seen most do evil.
i see in magazines stars or celeb being asked: if you had certain powers what would you do with them. most of them answer , wel i would have x ray vision and do good or something. however i worked in a job where a gay male said he had evil powers and would do evil to me...with them show me how bad he could be. he also was an artist. his life was based on 666 and demonic. healso said of himself. im a very let lone person. when he was himself maybe not satan in his altered state.
this person and others like him terrorized me for life. i was strong and i was the christ figure who stood up to all that. i did not turn back or shut eye on these people.
ever.. but got alone like lex luthor and clark kent.
there is one more example . super man. lex luthor.

i was always a good person. i was also seen as a pescilcence because iw as always left deprived of needs and knew that i was targeted for abuse and death by persons of lthis nature. i came under attack after i suffered trauma and my fire wall" call it was taken out.
theydid not get totake me down. 15 years of life were spent wtih someone trying to take out my soul. when by fate i escaped by making a bold move.
i began to get back a life. it was anamazing feeling . i was able towalk and talk again and become a person not a victim of invisible abuse and torture. There was also a problem. Doctors who are brain washed programed like stepford wives to make people feel they are mentaly ill. i had alot more on ball that to listen tothem. when i cut lose from that, i got to heal and throw off my victimizers.
i got to live . my goal was to hunt down like Vanhelzig my victimizers. i live in nyc.i knew they had been someone i met ,knew or did not or family even. someone with a reason. i had some talent i was not ordinary and i also had a fame card in my hand. like i read in one above, taht the intentions of the people around me was to kill me to shut me up about them being not so clean , and that i was a person of interest who might be very convincing to certain persons of this game.
SO i knew i was being shut up.
i was not a push over. i was athletic and tenacious and had courage. yet i also had medical issues that came out of this abuse. blood preasure. iw as getting over this when an agent of satan. cocain addict got into myl ife. people also felt this person was just a good guy. he was evil or possessed and also said he would kill me to shut me up and that he also bragged of his powers..
Black hatian male. with issues. and also a homocidal side he hid. he was also greedy jelous and competetive and dirty. he theives others souls and ideas and wanted persons to look at him like he was the cool dude. i did not see him that way but as who he was . fuckt up. so he wanted to kill me. i got very sick after this person got in myklife.
i could feel him tracking me even wehn i left him. i was afraid . because my doctor did not pay any mind to seriuos alterations to my defenses and health.
i got sick ,but again i made bold move to escape and did recover. however. after i did make the right moves and got better and began to move up again. someone . did something evil. they made a full out psychic demonic attack on my mind . this was one of the most invasive and dirty evil assaults and now they were getting more invasive and more intent to do me in. it was like a mad mad person literlay drilling into my soul mind and i began to be driven mad. it was like video drome. i began to try to track which demon this was. Him , ex person in life, or one or other. i got very very very sick. it was like hell. yet i fought. i dont know how i got to fight and be so faithful. if my doctor had removed me and treated trauma and shock i would have survived to be who i was forever. my doctor also a dirty person who like in rosemarys baby was cosumed with greed and wanting to hang out with in crowd. he was a puppet to dirty people who were in fashion.
so i was left ignored. i had alot of talent personality and also skill and power. but i was also flesh blood had no family and alone in game.. i was oen of most moral persons in life. however i was always abused and left to abuse and wanted to be seen as mentaly ill even when i had no sign of it. now i was being driven mad. intentionaly. they began to alter my identiy like it was like manchurian candidate. my identitwas broken down and my mind and i was now weak so weak i could not push out who was on me.
SO they began to reprogram me. this was very fast adn rapid form of brain washing over and over until i began to fall ill and also talk different and walk as they wanted me to. this person was on me . then i left my house and ran . i had to change places in life. this helped. i fougth because changing location did not stop them. this was a parasite who could travel even over water.
i got some fight back.but without medical care to shock and assault . i was easy pray. again i tried to care for myself in rough places.
then came back home . i was in hostels where i was exposed to strangers . who also had problems who might want to get to me. however i got stronger again. and put up fight and kept moving ..
Now this demon was still on me.but i was getting stronger. when a person in a hotel said somethign to me .like he was told to say this to try to get to me. it hit me in my core.
it bothered me because i could see this person being told to say this.and he did it.
again it made me suffer but i did not give up.
i fought this demon for another three years from 2006 to 9. i tried to not panic as they consume fear and it makes the victim exhausted. the more exhausted the weaker they get and more power. i had to much instable places and no protection no family no doctor. yet i tried to survive. then it got even more evil. they began to induce a kind of shock that began to wear at my brain to cause an autistic seizure. this seizure would cause dissocation and brain damage leaving my brain twisted in states of madness. my brain and body contorted and patterns of THOUGHT ALL SCHIZOPRHENIC. THAT WOULD LEAD A DOCTOR TO SAY I WAS MENTALY ILL IF I COMPLAINED. I WAS IN PAIN AUTISTIC NOW AND I FOUGHT. THIS PROCESS OF INDUCING A STROKE AND SEIZURE WAS REPEATED OVER AND OVER A MILLION TIMES ON ME . MY FACE BEGAN TO LOOK LIKE I WAS ON METH AND THIN BUT I FOUGHT. VEIGNS POPED OUT OF MY HEAD MY EYES BEGAN TO GO INOT SOCK AND BE DEAD LOOKING . LAST OCTOBER I WENT INTO A STATE AN DDID NOT COME OUT. I ALSO FOUGHT I WAS NOW CRIPLED BY BLOOD PREAUSRE SUGAR AND STROKE PROBLEMS. I FOUGHT AGAIN. I COULD NOT WALK MY PERSONALTIY WAS ALTERED SO THAT OTHERS WOULD ABUSE ME. I WAS USULAY FUN YOUNG AND WARM. NOW I WAS LIKE OFF AND STRUGGLING. AGIAN I TRIED TO MAKE MOVE BUT THIS TIME IT MAKE IT WORSE.


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schizophrenia is a condtion that comes as a side effect of deep trauma or other. It is not an illness. it is a symptom and aftereffect of the mind being broken down by external factors. There for schizophrenia will be present in persons of demonic possession. Demonic possessors look for ignorant people. take a profile of the victim to know just who might be wise to the game and who will diagnose the victim with a mental illness.
I knew i was not mentally ill and i survived an attack. it was the second time around that i was left in states of mental exahaustion and abuse that what i saw as an outside entity begin a all out assault on my mind body spirit. If you seek you shal find. No one as blind as those who will not see or say ths is not real. It is real since the persons who wanted to victimize me based their attacks on fact they said no one would beleive me. If they were to damage me make me mentally ill and insane they could reduce me to a non person adn get off with it. this is a jerkoffs intentions. iworked with jerkooffs but it seems to take root socialy since anyone i told about my situation did not care. when i was stronger and was not reducable. they could not reduce me. persons i worked with and lived with bragged about doing this to me. and others were more clever.
All of them had a jelous intentions. And a need to feel special and self esteem isues. The one person said he had evil powers and would make m y life hell.the other said if he could destroy mind , he could kill the person. all of them have one intent to do just that. some of these people have alot of friends and the friends enable them or are as patheticly disgusting as them..
so the more educated society is to spot an abuser victimizer. weather it is a school mate . ex boy friend co worker family member.. stranger on street. the victimizer most of time has a drug or other problem agression isa vampire .. parasite and if confronted will retreat at times.. the more ignorant you are the better for them..

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God will never give you a

God will never give you a mountain you cannot climb

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We'll see what it is all

We'll see what it is all about. Cymbalta does do wonders! Here's wishing yiu well Lisa!What stores can we find this book at?

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Shadows on the wall
Shadows in the mind
Shadows everywhere
Thoughts are hard find
Manic highs provide the dreams
Manic highs provide the desire
Manic highs provide the will
Manic highs provide the fire
Then slipping into oblivion
once again with self
Distance brings the tears again
Not willing to find help
Suddenly your free again
You see with vivid sight
The cycle then begins again
The darkness turns to light
Melisa Gail Arnquist

Copyright ©2008 Melisa Gail Arnquist

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Your help.

God will forgive you, Gato. You need to go to a Priest and talk with him, and he will be able to give you aboslution, and guidance. The only thing that exceeds God's mystery is His Love, Faithfulness, Power, and Mercy. So I wouldn't worry too much about God, but worry about what you are doing, and what other influences are doing to you, seen and unseen.

Rachel....Go to the Church! God talk to a Priest. God is faithful to deliver you, and you should rely on Him. Jesus Christ our Lord and God will heal you, but you need to go to a Priest and speak with him. The Lord our God doesn't want anyone to go to hell. He wants all souls for Himslef because He loves us and created us for Himself, so we can share in His inheritance and love. Don't ever let anyone misunderstand the Power of God, for God can do all things, and nothing is impossible for God. Satan and his minions, want to lie to you by telling you there is no hope, that God has eternally forsaken you, etc.... But if God didn't still give you the chance to come to Him, you would be in hell in the relm of the dark spirits and eternal suffering. You wouldn't be here.

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Please I need help Im scared ..!!!!
I know im possessed I need help its reall please beleive me!!!!
can you help ???

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this has happend to me

THIS HAS HAPPEND TO ME AND U HAVE ABOUT 5 DAYS TO GET IT OUT OF YOU ..okay go to a forest with 2 friends and stand in a circle holding hands ..concentrate on getting it out of you ..then all of u say the first thing that come to mind then open your eyes ...if u dont do exactly that it can kill a and BECOME u!!!

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Hi Rachel - i am also possesed and yes it is very scary i have benn possesed for over 3 months now - YOU MUST NOT SHOW ANY FEAR - it feeds off fear and negative thoughts. You need to keep yourself uplifted no matter how hard this is to do. I am seeing a Vicar at the moment and i now attend church almost every day and i pray ALL THE TIME. I say the Lords pray and every time i say AMEN at the end i can feel the evil spirit leave my body but then seconds later i swallow it back down, it will try to enter my body by any means it can - through any hole it can enter. But i carnt talk to anyone about this because no-one believes me even the vicar doesnt believe me. Maybe Rachel we can get in touch - i will try to monitor this site- PLEASE REPLY BACK - THIS IS NOT A HOAX - SHAUN.

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go to a church filled with the holy spirit

go to a church filled with the holy spirit. ask for the pastor and get deliverance.