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emerging patterns

I like MissArcher2's idea of having done this exercise at the beginning of the semester. It would have been interesting to see how our ability to speak for one another could have changed over time. One thing I mentioned during this performance in class was the emergent patterns that went along with this exercise. Although there was no central leader in our group, we each had our own set of rules to follow, and this helped us to successfully complete the exercise. Some people chose not to speak at all during the exercise, and although there was no leader to tell them to do so, we still were able to count to 10 with these people sitting out. I also mentioned that it was interesting how people chose to say only one number at a time, even though this was not explicitly stated in the rules. A pattern that could have emerged is one person counting to 10 on her own, but the class seemed to think that they needed to take turns. Another pattern could have been that after whoever started with number 1, the counting would continue one by one in either the left or right direction. Although these specific patterns did not occur in our class, I still think it's interesting that we managed to find a way to complete this drill, even though we did not have anyone leading us.


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