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"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on." - Winston Churchill

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 There are so many different levels of "the truth." There is what we consider to be unmoving, constant truths that are primarily based on life experience (the sun will rise in the morning, if I burn myself it will hurt); there are more individual truths based on belief (there is a God, there is something after life here on Earth); there are also truths of personal interpretation (no two recollections of an event are identical, each person has their own lens of processing). And we use the same word- truth, which Paul tells us actually doesn't exist- to describe all of these things. The "truth" is very central to our society and culture. Headlines are made when a politician or celebrity lies, and literature is carefully labeled "fiction" or "non-fiction." It terrifies us as humans that there is no absolute. Even now airports are realigning runways and ships are correcting navigation devices because North, a cardinal direction, has shifted. The old North is no longer the old North. North is bigger than us, bigger than the Earth. It's one of those things that I consider to be an extension of the universe, leading me to the evolution and development of the universe. If something like North is changing, how can we say that the universe isn't changing? Certainly the biological evolution and universal evolution are not identical, but they do draw parallels. 



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