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Reaction to 9/25

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I mentioned in my small group that I felt like since being in this course and reading Clark's views on technology in society that I have found myself actually wanting to pull away from technology. Prior to the class I was the biggest activist on technological advancements and how more efficient, faster, and improved mannerisms have been discovered and have altered our society. I mentioned that there's no limit to what technology does and what we allow it do and eventually it just might take over.

Mirella brought up a interesting point that was then touched upon in the video clip also. which was that most people are skeptical about technology because of our internal fears of the advancements. This is a control issue and sometimes we humans feel the need to control all aspects of our environment. I really like the quote, "It's not about technology vs humans, it's how humans using technology can do great things".

I think Tuesday's class helped me to rediscover my love and appreciation for technology because honestly if used correctly it can do so much good. I found myself briefly resenting it in away because I thought it was sort of taking away from the value of childhood, communication, and in-person interactions but I now think we are more powerful together.


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I definitely felt the same

I definitely felt the same way. I felt kind of guitly for loving it so much. I felt lIke I'm supposed to like technology because of all the problems, ie "addiction". But I think that once I figure out how to work with technology so that I can be much more productive, I'll see how useful and important technology is. Point is, I felt the same way.

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charting power

This post is really rich.  Is it accurate to say that you are changing your ideas about how technology empowers people, while continung to believe that this empowerment can be for good?