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Interesting thought

Riki, I never made the connection you made with Chorost's ideas and therapy. Personally, though he said that we would be able to control what we wanted to share etc., the connection itself would create the possibility of someone hacking into my brain, wouldn't it? At the moment, whether I am seeing a therapist, talking to a friend, or just having thoughts, I can keep what is in my mind, in my thoughts to myself. You pose great questions about the effect of this mental connection to others on therapy, however, my mind is still stuck on the possibility of it being hacked. I agree that often people are just not READY to share something and speeding up this process can be damaging. So, we have control over what we share. I don't agree with this. I think that I have control over what I share now, but if this connection between minds were made into reality, just as someone figured out how to hack the internet, the same thing would eventually be possible with minds. I am terrified by the thought of my mind being hacked and my thoughts, feelings, fears and everything I ever even imagine or dream being available to the world.  


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