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On Conjuring Up Ideas for Presentation...

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Having met with my group to discuss what shape our presentation would take form, I chuckled at the evolution that took place even within our generating ideas. The progression that occurred until landing on an idea that we all liked and agreed on was a journey in and of itself. The evolution I saw was in regards to the way in which we started from one prompt, with one possible answer to that prompt, and from there spiraling into a variety of options. The majority built off of a previous idea, either to a large extent or with only an inkling of resemblance. For a second I even considered that that could be a presentation, the jumping from possibility to possibility and how the ideas evolve. Thinking of it now, it would be interesting to take a sample of the various ideas generated per group before a decision was made for each of them.

This for me serves as a reminder that we cannot escape evolution, regardless of what form it comes in. It is simply a matter of being aware of it or not that dictates whether it is recognized. Were I not a part of the discourse in this class, I highly doubt I would have made any connection planning a presentation has to evolution.




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