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eating animals

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Before I fell asleep last night, I opened to a random page in book called Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer.  I read the whole book a few years ago, and I liked it even though Foer didn’t convince me to go vegetarian.  The coolest part of this book is about stories.  Foer says that the important thing about food is not the activity of eating, but the stories we tell ourselves and our children about why and what we eat.  I agree.  What’s the story of your favorite meal?

This is what I flipped to last night:  

“Eating meat may be ‘natural,’ and most humans may find it acceptable--humans certainly have been doing it for a very long time--but these are not moral arguments.  In fact, the entirety of human society and moral progress represents an explicit transcendence of what’s ‘natural.’” (213)

It seems relevant to our conversation about The Lives of Animals and also our discussion about doing what is right/ethical.  Is this guy right?  Is progress “an explicit transcendence of what’s natural?”  Is this why humans have to be socialized?  Is this why we come to school?