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Thoughts on Education

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After leaving today's class, I realized that education is not just what is written by scholars in published work or what teachers or professors teach you in class. It is much more than these two things put together. Education is also the experiences that we learn and grow from day to day. It comes from the people we meet, people we know, and people we see.

As I thought about our discussion class, I reflected upon my own education and questioned where does my education come from? What experiences have built to the knowledge that I now hold in my hands? The answer was simple. All my experiences have contributed to my education is some way. Whether it is reading a classic novel in literature, taking derivatives in math or adding a little extra vanilla extract to make the perfect cookie. My education also comes from the places I traveled. Where I have seen poverty first hand, where I observed new cultures, where I tasted different foods. It comes from home where I was bought up to be polite to others, share, and give everyone a chance. These experiences have shaped my education that I have attained thus far. I can only hope that I will continue to gain experience and knowledge from all places in my life.