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Claire Romaine's picture

I, like most of my peers, quite enjoyed the experience of 17 Border Crossings.  Although I found a great deal of critical play in the performance commenting on the political and social natures of national and cultural boundaries, I found deep play lacking.  I can easily see how Phillips or his co-creators might feel deep play during the writing and performance, but as an audience member, I experienced no intense emotional and ‘ecstatic’ moments.  The nature of the performance was more critical with moments of humor than moving and deep.  Nonetheless, the well-thought out and amazingly-executed script was delightful.  He took an incredibly dull activity (i.e. having a passport checked), and portrayed it in so many different ways as to make it interesting.

PS. We never talked about this, but I really loved how he started the whole thing by trying to destroy his passport, which is the object which facilitated his entire journey.