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All those P's!

Anne Dalke's picture

Hey--I'm Anne Dalke, one of the co-teachers here. I'm excited to be "reviving" and "revising" a version of the core course in Gender Studies that I first taught w/ Kaye Edwards in '97 and again in '98. It's been amazing for me to see, as we planned the course over the summer, how far each of us has traveled since that initial collaboration. I have to admit that I'm just a little bit worried about the overfullness of the syllabus--all those P's! Among them, "precarity" is strong to me now, because a good friend of mine, Paul Grobstein, died earlier this summer. Strong, too, is "potentiality," since my first grandchild also arrived in early June. That we are all "performing," all the time (and --more importantly--can change up those performances), that we can learn the most, and cover the most ground, when we are "playful," that all "perspectives" are welcomed...yeah, well, clearly those are all significant dimensions, for me, of what we will be up to here...

can't wait!