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Brain, Education and Mental Health, Summer 2009


Pages dedicated to thinking about science education, education, the brain, and mental health and trying out ideas in a summer institute program with K-12 teachers; created during an internship through Howard Hughes Medical Institute with Paul Grobstein, Bryn Mawr College.

Summer Institute for K-12 Teachers

(Intern, Participant)

Funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, it brings together Bryn Mawr and Haverford college faculty with teachers to discuss issues like exploring the role of computers in education, implications of brain and behavior on K-12 education and inquiry based science education.

Emergence and Inquiry in Education


Collection of articles focusing on emergent pedagogy and inquiry-based education: special education, importance of website creation, model for open-ended inquiry-based projects, authentic assessment in inquiry-based education, lifelong learning and approaching emergent pedagogy

The Brain and Mental Health Working Group, 2009


A discussion focused on "mental health," where there is an increasingly significant concern in a number of areas, including the scientific, biological, cultural, and sociopolitical realms.

Underlying Similarity of the Brain


In progress; an analysis of the similarity of symptoms, focused on depression.

Mild traumatic brain injury vs. post traumatic stress disorder


In progress; an analysis of the similarity and significance of brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder.
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Neurobiology and Behavior, Spring 2009




About Brielle

The Professional: Undergraduate, Bryn Mawr College (2012), majoring in psychology with a concentration in neural and behavioral science.  Aspirations of researching the behavioral impact of traumatic brain injury and seizures on the brain as well as the diverse behavioral affects of developmental disorders in regard to the usage and structure of the brain.  Interests in higher-level teaching.

The General: I am learning to think outside of the box and to ask questions to learn more: life is learning.  I believe in being educated before forming judgments. I fight to be heard because I believe in both my opinions and the discussion they create. I love conflict; debate gives people new outlooks on life. I practice the concept that you can listen to someone and not agree with what they are saying, but that they deserve to be heard.


 Creator: Brielle Stark, June 2009