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Group Discussion: Mysteries

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Our group suggested that we study mysteries through different literary kinds, including a traditional novel, either a graphic novel or work of fan fiction, and then a movie.

For some specific suggestions, we thought we could read one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories, followed by another Sherlock Holmes story this time written by someone else, and then finally a Sherlock Holmes movie.  There are several options within each of those literary categories, which would hopefully prevent any of us from having to read something we've read in previous classes.

Additionally, it would give us an opportunity to discuss what jrf put forth in her proposal for the rest of the semester.

Though I recognize that works about the same character for 6 weeks don't appeal to everyone, I think it would be incredibly advantageous because it gives us an opportunity to focus on the character.  It would also (hopefully) prevent discussion about the difference in methodology.  This class is supposed to focus on genres of literature, and it's easier to focus on differences in genre and what separates the genres if we're not also focused on whether Poirot is better than Holmes.

However, I do recognize that this activity is probably equally possible with Agatha Christie's previously-mentioned Poirot character or with Dorothy L. Sayer's Lord Peter Wimsey.


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