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Labeling to Framing

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I think it is very interesting that we started out the class talking about genre as a form of labeling and now we are talking about framing not only in genres, but in the world. Framing has come up as almost a necessity...this is how we see the world not only in literary work, but also in reality as well as dreams? Similar arguments were also brought up for it a necessity? It makes life easier? 

I know that I feel like labeling is used as a way of making life easier (in some aspects), but after this class I still feel like it is over done and in many cases unnecessary. Framing on the other hand...I'm still not sure. I know it happens and now I'm starting to think that the world is made that way. I mean, even our own eyes, our brain frame our surroundings. Our eyes, looking straight ahead, can only see to a certain extent, it's a framed state. Our brain, at the same time, frames all perceptions based on former experiences. Our brain is programmed to frame the world.


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Is it even possible to live without a frame? Is it concievable to live without categorizations?

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I agree with you that labeling can be necessary at times and it is just the way humans work. There are many theories that argue that human brains, from a very young age, organize surroundings into categories (schemas). One thing will be connected to another and then to another. The brain itself categorizes automatically, so it can't be that wrong that we do so as well, right?

I understand what you mean when you say, "I don't think its wrong to make categories/to label...what we do need to change however is the stereotypes each label/category carries with it." However, I still think that labeling has gone too far and people label things not for necessity, but rather for convenience?

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labeling = categorisation?

i think its interesting how you compare labelin to framing, while they are similar they are also very different.

based on what i know, labeling is a lot like categorisation, the act in itself isnt bad, because it's done for convinience but its what it implies that causes the problems. we spoke alot about categorisation in my previous class with anne and the topic seems relevant here as well. i dont think its wrong to make categories/to label, our brain does this instantly and its more or less the terms on whichwe view our world. what we do need to change however is the stereotypes each label/category carries with it. for example, we can think 'gay' and 'straight' but we dont need to attach 'normal' and 'abnormal' or 'good' and 'bad' with either of them.

frames, according to me, do just that -- they dont come attached with any stereotype or implication. they just show you something. whats more, frames can be adjusted - expanded and constricted and stretched out to include more. like the frame in a graphic novel doesnt have to be the frame around each picture, but can instead be the frame around the entire page.


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