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Emergence and Inquiry in Education

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Emergence and Inquiry in Education

Shifting Perspective Description

Emergent Pedagogy: Approaching Education

An emergent discussion concerning the pedagogy of emergence in education (implications, critiques and conversation).
Education in Life: Life Long Learning (outlook of key points of a discussion) A discussion based around the concept of lifelong learning, the fostering of this concept in education and the further development of emergent pedagogy.
 Model for Open-Ended Inquiry-Based Project Creation Inquiry-based education often stresses open-ended projects for students as a means to assess and grow; however, open-ended projects are often too vague for students.  This provides a model for developing an open-ended project.
 Authentic Assessment in Inquiry-Based Education Assessment can be difficult in inquiry-based education because inquiry-based education fosters the idea of new ideas and discussion while traditional assessment stresses the 'right and true' answer without consideration of growth or development of ideas.  How can we morph our traditional assessments to foster inquiry-based education?
 The Importance of Website Creation in Emergent Education The use of technology can be very useful in inquiry-based education because of the many resources available to the student.  The creation of web pages by both teacher and student allow for further discussion and exploration of topics (as emergent pedagogy argues for).
 Special Education and Emergence Discusses the possible implications of special education in emergent education.







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