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Poem of a Poem (Post Script Series)

Dare: three-word haiku

Assignment: write the wildest

Poem: I love you

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Fragmented Thoughts about Graduate School (haiku)


For Serendip is  

My Iowa and Amherst

Master of Fine Arts



My life must feed my

Poetry insistently

Not sustainable


Way A Way

Yellow jacket nest

Grows in my engine while I

Live in Iowa

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Liminality (Post Script Series)

Once upon a time there was a man who

Said the writer word,

With awe.


Are artists, like lesbians, a minority?



I find you in lesbian love poems

Wow man!


Poetic license.


Non-canonical literature


Non-canonical uracil base pairs. 


Bellow a one-word spell with me man.

Wobbles is a good word.  

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Coffeeship (Post Script Series)

Cup a thought,

Iced venti unsweetened iced coffee. 


This is the story of a writer,

And a barista


Watching you

With one American Spirit per ten.

Watching me




As for flowers and horses, writers

Must be watered. 


First coffee with

Cream and the barista man. 

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Impatience (Post Script Series)

Let me tell you a story about patience…



Expectations of cakes and poets.


Blue mold is

Milk, eggs, flour, butter, sugar, vanilla, and salt lost. 


My poetry is not your trophy.


Dear reader,

Reader response theory.



Of curiosity killed the writer

Broken and lonely now.


This is the post script.

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Ugly Girl


Beautiful girl,”

Calls the witch of the beach.



Me in the white rocking chair. 


Beautiful rocking chair, beautiful lobby,

But I?


I have lived in awe of the clan of yellow-eyed women

No relation to ballerinas.


Blocking which other words

Is beauty?

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I Love You (Post Script Series)




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Breaking my Heart (Post Script Series)

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Love, Your Sailboat (Post Script Series)

Your brain

Is a blazing Fresnel lens;


Face bearded

By the black lantern gallery.


Red neck and

Striped white tower of a lower body.


Lighthouse behold!

I’ll bite you, breaking skin.


Paint peeling beneath my teeth

Salty at first, white chocolate later.


Is this the way to make love to a lighthouse?

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Body Down (Post Script Series)

We saw fit,

My head in your armpit.


So taste!

This superlative tortilla:

Masa harina, very warm water

Baking softer, salt all into the tortilla press.



You are soft,

So soft on me. Lobster meat

Tomato salsa, guacamole, corn,

Goat cheese, and cheddar tie together this burrito.


Burrito down.

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