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Baked Lasagna Plate


Been       beneficial

Brine of local half sour pickle



Lovely       island

Lee shore is Great Point Lighthouse



Place Iowa lager

Beers       ears are closer to the brain

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I Love You




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What Do You Know?

My first concert

Was a great “Blooming buzzing confusion.”


The storyteller with the saxophone

I file you in my iphone.


Lefty, coffee-drinking, creative thinker, Trekkie: is my type.

Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny-


If a pore bearer

Then as a sponge I need not fear my heart bursting.


You radiate sounds; I absorb you.


If a homo sapiens

Then as a woman I might make you this poem…


Tu m’amuse.

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You Using Me

Maybe I be a female dolphin, hunting with a sponge tool, you too?

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Reader Response Theory

The neurobiologist note passing napkins to the barista

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Lobster Love

Sponges surviving

Great carnivorous feasts on

Minute crustaceans

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The Uniphonics

Something new to run

To your songs, my iphone

Your saxophone

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My virgin concert

Bright saxophone “blooming

Buzzing confusion

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Pore Bearer

Sponge, I wish I were

Absorbing you, never fearing

For my heart bursting

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Iowa City

Commander Riker

Works saxophone and Starbucks

Centuries early

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