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lines and colors of menacing lullaby, a child
trapped inside a wooden sub
my brave painting --

ribbons  cuts   and    writings.
watchful eyes of a figure at the top
turn to loops, now

also small gently pillared dwellings,
mini mausolea maybe

now when the cradle starts to fall
the magnets pull it to

now somebody sings a yellow song
now a swirled one
now a baby bounces

when the wind blows
the artist breathes

-- Alice Lesnick, 2012


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I just found these comments on my poem.  Fun.

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Sound is good "now somebody

Sound is good "now somebody sings a yellow song"

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Thanks for joining in the

Thanks for joining in the conversation!  Because of your comment, I noticed the internal rhyme in this line- now, yellow.  Very good sounds.  Are you a writer or just someone with a good ear?

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I love the phrases "menacing

I love the phrases "menacing lullaby" and "mini mausolea". And this; baby bounces/wind blows/artist breathes. A lot of conflicting emotion and tension, but i think it resolves at the end when the artist breathes.

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yes, that resolution is what

yes, that resolution is what i was going for -- kind of a settling in.

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It worked.

It worked.

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I would love to see the painting, having read the poem. Is there a photo of it?

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Yellow song...what a bright

Yellow song...what a bright imagery.

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A Lullabye of a Poem

I think you raise an interesting point here- is poetry an adult lullabye?  There are certainly similarities in form and style: repetition, meter, rhyme, etc. Also poetic license, or bending sense to sound and rhythem.  They are both recited.  Yet poetry also exists in print.  So perhaps your piece is a translation of a lullabye into a poem?