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Fragmented Thoughts about Graduate School (haiku)

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For Serendip is  

My Iowa and Amherst

Master of Fine Arts



My life must feed my

Poetry insistently

Not sustainable


Way A Way

Yellow jacket nest

Grows in my engine while I

Live in Iowa


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lurking on line, I

curious interloper

myself, read your lines

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Reading Isn't Interloping

How is blogging not

like publishing? Pushing a piece

apart from yourself.

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The hungry writer
focused on a meal once had
risks missing dinner

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Oh my Serendip

Stalker let me welcome you

To society!

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but what about my poem?

I've read your posts, true,
but you do know me well too.
You loaned me your car.

I appreciate
the welcome you've given me......
to society?

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The Society of

Students, grand-students, teachers


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strictly speaking

Hacking haiku with
Minimal syllables is
Messing my message

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Burnt Out

Perhaps haiku are

Not the best habitat for

Our words anymore?

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last haiku for now?

five seven and five

I took the three word challenge

though not meant for me

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Ever After

Where will you go from here?  Is there another form you are curious about?  Will you go formless for a while?  What about your recent publications?  Is there somewhere to look for your writing now???

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Click Here.

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Where to now, computer? (Adventures with ADD)

I woke up today, a thought in my head,
what I might do,
once I get out of bed.
I decided to plan to come up with a plan
to find a direction, 
be purposeful, Man.
Drinking my coffee I pondered the world,
philosophy, science,
a beautiful girl.
Getting to work, deadlines to beat,
lost in designs,
forgetting to eat.
Five o'clock tired, dopamine's weak.
Coffee, wellbutrin,
friends I go seek.
Errands, chores,
cook up some rice.
Remembering back when I used to feel nice.
Then I remembered
my daybreak idea,
my groggy ambition without any fear.
The day had its own plan
I barely could follow,
so I'll plan on planning a new plan tomorrow...
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You write words, you teach
I listen, learn lessons, like
To teach teacher too

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Tearning, leaching with

Others in conversation

Is education.

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Beautiful!  Both of them.

Beautiful!  Both of them.