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A Web Paper about Web Papers

Grading Web Papers

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Picturing creation

 The Creations and Creators of Frankenstein, Conceiving Ada, Teknolust and Tron: Legacy


In an attempt diverge from the habitual research/thesis papers, here is a picture representing some scenes and elements that stood out to me from the three films and one novel we have looked at in the duration of this Gender and Technology course.

At the top, Frankenstein, On the right, Conceiving Ada, on the bottom, Teknolust and on the left, Tron: Legacy.


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Character Building in the Digital Humanities

Note: When the list of papers went up I realized I accidentally just put this in the GIST paper category to start with on the Thursday before break. Changed it to the Web Paper 2 category on Thursday 10th March. I knew I screwed up somewhere with this! If it's too far past the deadline that's fine...


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A cyborg reading of ‘A Cyborg Manifesto’


What’s a cyborg?

Several of the texts we have looked at during the course on Gender and Technology have put forth the idea of modern humans as cyborgs. We have become so increasingly dependent on technology over the years, from personal computers to simple things such as glasses, that writers such as Andy Clark and Donna Haraway assert that we may consider them part of ourselves rather than tools. There lines between human and machine are blurred, in other words we exist as ‘human-technology symbiotes’ (Clark 3) - and since we are so drawn to further improving and utilizing technology, we are naturally inclined to continue as such.

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