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Brain and Behavior Institute 2008 - Participants





Alan Bronstein Central High
Bernadine Dancy Overbrook Elementary
Adi Flesher New York City schools
Cynthia Henderson Shawmont Elementary
Grace Marie Hollaender Overbrook Elementary
Joyce Hubert-Theriot Bayard Rustin High
Sage Hunter Young Women's Leadership School at Rhodes
Carol Israel Phillips Academy
Judith Lucas-Odom Smedley Middle
Ayotola Oronti Feltonville Middle
Babatunde Oronti Olney High
Seta Palmer Feltonville Middle
Paul Grobstein Bryn Mawr College
Ann Dixon Bryn Mawr College
Laura Cyckowski
Bryn Mawr College
Julia Lewis
Bryn Mawr College
Luisana Taveras Bryn Mawr College
Penn Tong
Haverford College



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