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The Brain as a Model Maker: Bias and Prejudice in Perception

We know that all brain operations involve pattern analysis and model making. The brain is biologically organized to process information through the construction of internal models. It searches and finds patterns in what it senses.  It extracts the features of patterns from the data and assembles those features into a model of the perceived object.
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Stress and Coping

What follows is the beginning of an outline for a class on understanding and dealing with stress for a course I and others teach for 10th graders. Teacher tips are listed in red, throughout the document.
                  What's the Big Deal about Stress???!!!
Stressed,Stressed, Everyone's Stressed

Unit Objectives: To define stress; to clarify the primary types of stress; to identify how stress effects us; to distinguish between good and bad stress; to learn to distinguish between positive and negative ways of coping with stress; to learn additional positive ways of managing stress.
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Brain Imaging



Are you curious?


1. What do you see below?




2. What about here?


3. Want to see some more perplexing images? Click here.


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An Introduction to Carol Israel

Understanding me and my interests involves knowing that for 23 years, I have worked at Phillips Academy in Andover, Ma.

Phillips Academy is a residential, independent high school for high achieving adolescents. Click here for a look at my office, my colleagues, and our departmental course offerings.

This past year, a colleague of mine who is a molecular biologist and I have developed and begun to teach an interdisciplinary course entitled "The Brain and You: A User's Guide". Here is a description of this course:

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