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Ashley Stockholm                                                                                            September 1, 2010

Curriculum Proposal:

I started working at a cyber charter school on August 1, 2010. Unfortunately I will not have students until closer to October. For this reason, I am still unsure in what capacity and how often I will be interacting with my students. The students must complete an adaptive Scantron exam to see who is below grade level. I am then responsible to remediate those who are below where they need to be in Mathematics at the middle school level. Like I said, I am unsure about what this will look like.

Working from home has been quite the adjustment. There are start costs covered by the school and others that are not. For this reason, I am proposing that to help my students I have to be willing to invest in something that I will use for long hours. This thing is a computer chair. I am asking that this scholarship helps me to buy a quality computer chair and carpet chair mat.

Approximate Costs

I have done some research and picked out a chair that I think will be suitable. This is what I have found so far:


~ “True” Black Ergonomic Mesh Executive Chair. This is priced at $229.99

~ “Estrobing” Carpet Chair Mat. This is priced at $69.99



Thank you for your consideration.