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17 broder crossing, art and deep play

Grace Zhou's picture

"In oder to understand the meaning of artistic products, we have to forget them for a time" suggested by Dewey. 17 broder crossing is a play that expresses art but more importantly, it enlightens me to think out of what is "art", and to turn originall experience into artistic view. 17 expeiences in broder crossing form a fantasctic play. When he crosses the broder to Brasil and said " Oh! I am in Brazil now", I found that in my own experience, I ignore the fact that the concept of "broder" is that clear and special. That's art, which comes from our raw experience which asks for conciousness for our daily-life. Also, it's easy to find deep-play in 17 broder crossings- although the crossings are risky and dangerous (for example, they caught "taxi" to Cuba and people put their lives in danger just want to escape from Mexico ..), he still didn't listen to the U.S officer who suggested:" then, don't travel." He is still pursueing the colorful experience, which, as I have said, is art itself. So, maybe deep play can generate art after all with those unforgettable thrill, ecstacy and stackes. Becasue of deep-play, people have the access to the special life experiences and turn them into art. In other words, deep-play is the process prerequisted to creating arts.