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What's New on Serendip - July 2007

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We are starting to use Serendip's Exchange, the new totally interactive section on Serendip, almost exclusively now. We welcome you to visit and comment on virtually any topic that you find there. One of our featured student webpapers is "Why, I Say, White People Can't Dance" - come join in this provocative conversation.

For the first time (we think), a course at Bryn Mawr will be offered to alums online. In the fall of 2007, Anne Dalke will be teaching Critical Feminist Studies to current undergraduates, and a large part of the course discussion will take place on Serendip's Exchange. She is actively welcoming the many generations of alums to participate (with no papers, no credits and no tuition) in these online converations. For more information, see the course announcement at the link above and send an email to adalke [at]

Here is a list of other Serendipish things which have been going on this summer: 

  • Serendip's Bookshelves has 2 new reviews, for The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Probable and The Truth About Stories: A Native Narrative by Anne Dalke - July 2007
  • Paths to Story Telling as Life: Fellow Traveling with Richard Rorty by Paul Grobstein - July 2007
  • Bryn Mawr College Summer Institutes for K-12 Teachers - July 2007
  • "Right" and "Wrong" in Science (and Elsewhere?): A Conversation - June 2007
  • Reflections, includes A Feminist If, Weeding, Seeding and Place-Keeping: A Story with Three Steps and a Coda and Standpoint Matters: Keeping the Play in Play by Anne Dalke - June 2007
  • The Scientific Mind, the Brain, and Human Culture: Story Telling and Story Sharing, notes for a longer paper by Paul Grobstein - June 2007
  • Critical Feminist Studies, a new course announcement for Fall '07, invites Bryn Mawr alumnae to participate online using Serendip's Exchange - June 2007
  • Brain Stories's blog gets started with an opening discussion, Childhood Origins of Adult Resistance to Science - June 2007
  • The Story Hour: The Use of Narrative Therapy with Families by Sarah Gibbs -June 2007
  • The Human Condition As Seen by a Materialist Neurobiologist, a talk by Paul Grobstein at the Building the Scientific Mind conference - May 2007