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Camphill Village

In-Person Relationships

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Like Bridget, I felt immensely reassured by our visit to Camphill, primarily because we have been talking for so long about a large project that relies entirely on a relationship with an ambiguous "camper." Knowing only that drawing is necessary and that we will be spending four days in a new environment, it was easy to be intimidated by the skills we assumed were necessary. However, visiting Camphill, I realized that all it really comes down to is a human relationship between two people.

Reflection on Camphill

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I am in complete of awe of camphill. Mimi was so inviting and you can really sense the close relationships formed between the co workers and villagers. The co op lifestye really intrigued me.What surprised me was how rural the camp truly was and how the Camphill manages finances. The shared car and small salary that Mimi recieves shocked being that I have never expperienced a lifestlye relative to hers. Mimi's life is Camphill and it as if she is not a seperate being. The architecture of the buildings even furthered the sense of the community melding into it's enviornments. I am truly excited to expand my painting and drawing skills ( or gain skills as a whole) at Camphill. It was so peaceful and inviting.

Reflecting on Camphill

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Is it possible to feel simultaneously more settled and more anxious about this upcoming trip to Camphill? After interacting (briefly) with residents at Camphill, I'm feeling better about working with them to create a portrait of themselves. I was excited by the facilities and the beauty of the place; I wasn't really sure what to expect regarding how it would look, and I didn't know how much farmland and forest the area would include. I appreciated Mimi's honesty about how Camphill navigates the dueling pressures to serve the residents and balance the budget. 

Camphill Reflection

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When people asked me what my 360 was about, I said something along the lines of, “It’s called Identity Matters. It’s about the intersectionality of identities. Over fall break we’re going to an intentional community for people with developmental disabilities and we’re going to tell their stories through writing and visual art.” People had a lot of questions, the majority of which I couldn’t answer.

Artistic Reassurance

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Walking into Camphill, even having been told in detail about the village, its mission, and all that it has to offer, I had no image in my head of what to expect. Perhaps because the concept seemed so intriguing to me, but also partially so concerning, especially in light of discussions about viewing disability as pathology and locking away individuals with disabilities as we lock away our elderly. Though I knew that this was a highly improbable parallel, I couldn’t help but fear, at worst, that these were relatives exiled by families who couldn’t otherwise look after them.