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Camphill Village

Camphill Villager Portrait

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(This photo isn't 100% true to life, but it's the best I've been able to get)

Charlene is a villager at Camphill Village Kimberton, and was my partner during our trip there. She is a vivacious, cheerful, and fierce person who loves her work, and loves sharing her experiences with people. She's been at Camphill for over 40 years, and knows the place much better than many of the administrators. I did my best to capture this and other things in my portrait of her!


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I feel that alot my reactions and feelings at Camphill were so intertwined with the events of last week that it is necessary to give a disclaimer that the emotional exhaustion defintely played a role in how I experienced the Village. I feel that the many surprises of last week were all a factor in how my observations of the facilities felt even more surprising. I already spoke in class about my struggles and surprises about Riva's visit and I felt almost even more out of my element at Camphill. 

First visit to Camphill

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As others have expressed, I almost can't believe that Camphill is real. I've only ever dreamt about small, peaceful communities that exist productively by themselves. I love how everyone has a role and an opportunity to develop new skills amidst nature and good food and kind people. I didn't really know what to expect at all beofre visiting which isn't surprising since I've never been to a place like Camphill before in my life.

Camp Hill, Pt. 1

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Anxiety is certainly the word that comes to mind with this prospective trip. There was certainly relief too - nothing felt especially institutional/clinical, and there wasn't some grand expectation of knowledge or understanding that was beyond me.

Camphill Reflexion

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Camphill seems almost too good to be true. They have amazing food, napping stations, and everybody is extremely friendly. What more could we ask for? I’m not too worried about the portrait project. I feel like as long as everyone knows that they shouldn’t expect a masterpiece from me, I’ll be alright. I’m actually more interested in the work we’ll be doing when we’re not drawing. I’m looking forward to the opportunity of baking or weaving with the residents. So hopefully it is too good and true. 


Reflection on Camphill

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I'm so much more excited for our trip to Camphill now that we have visited. Initially, my main expectation had been that it would be quite a bit larger than the reality--more people, and a different structure. My image of farming towns has always been, also, othat they are flat, not on hilly terrain such as that at Camphill! This is probably my midwestern upbringing talking, however...