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Camphill Villager Portrait

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(This photo isn't 100% true to life, but it's the best I've been able to get)

Charlene is a villager at Camphill Village Kimberton, and was my partner during our trip there. She is a vivacious, cheerful, and fierce person who loves her work, and loves sharing her experiences with people. She's been at Camphill for over 40 years, and knows the place much better than many of the administrators. I did my best to capture this and other things in my portrait of her!

Some elements to notice in the portrait:
-Charlene's favorite color is blue, thus I featured it as much as possible
-Charlene is an expert weaver, mostly of rugs, so I portrayed her weaving, as she requested.
-Charlene's favorite animal is a cow, and she's a happy, cheerful sort of person who enjoys what she does intensely, so the picture that she's weaving is a cow jumping over the moon--as she's so often "over the moon" happy! :)
-Charlene is wearing a velveteen periwinkle hoodie, a fusion of her two favorite shirts
-Her favorite flower is a rose, so they became the background of the picture, as if they had been stitched on
-She asked to be drawn with her hand in the sign of the horns, as she is a big fan of rock and rap music
-I did my best to capture her beautiful wood-brown and gray hair, which forms beautiful flowing waves quite naturally