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Camphill Reflexion

Camphill Reflexion

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Camphill seems almost too good to be true. They have amazing food, napping stations, and everybody is extremely friendly. What more could we ask for? I’m not too worried about the portrait project. I feel like as long as everyone knows that they shouldn’t expect a masterpiece from me, I’ll be alright. I’m actually more interested in the work we’ll be doing when we’re not drawing. I’m looking forward to the opportunity of baking or weaving with the residents. So hopefully it is too good and true. 


The scenery really spoke to me, because it reminds me of home, in Stroudsburg. It’s only now, after being away from Stroudsburg for so long, do I appreciate the trees and the mountains in a meaningful way. It’s weird because it reminds me of high school while I’m a college, which I don’t like. So many things are different, in a positive way, so I will have to challenge myself not to fall back into anxiety, which might impact how I interact with the villagers. But I have faith that it won’t be a big deal. 

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