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Camphill Village

Villager Portrait: DD

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I'm so grateful for the time I got to spend with DD. She knows everyone and she always know's what's going on. She definitely taught me a thing or two about being on time... "Why were you late? I wasn't late. Don't be late tomorrow, okay? Okay. Good girl."

Thoughts on Camphill

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It was our final afternoon at Camphill and I was seated in Rose Hall adding some last minute details to my portrait of Johannah. Only I and a couple others from the 360 were in the Hall working. After a long week’s attempt at representing a woman who I had just met, I finally was starting to feel alright about the way Johannah came across on the page. 

Camphill Villager Portrait: Johannah

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Johannah, featured in the portrait above, has been a resident at Camphill Village for over thirty years. She is originally from New York City, where her mother and brother currently live. She is a dedicated artist and musician and friend. 

Because of the lack of detail in this photo: In the drawing above, Johannah's work is featured in frames, including a self portrait on the left-most frame and on the page in front of her. Behind her is a wintery scene, since winter is her favorite season. 

portrait of villager

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in three sentences? michael is a man of few words but much passion. he loves raking, which made for a really lovely experience (see my other post); he loves sports, which made for solid conversation; he loves music, and I saw his big cd collection when he showed me his room; and he loves his woodwork. he showed me his workshop on wednesday, and gave me a chance to see a hobby of his that really keeps him involved with the community at camphill while also providing him with a space to really call his own in which he gets to devote his time and energy into something he cares very deeply about.

villager portrait

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this is michael's drawing of a baseball--some very important things to note: one, we are both phillies fans, so crisis averted; two, riva commented that the colors really bring this to life, and that the use of yellow especially makes the other colors pop, with which I concur.

camphill memory

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the first morning I worked with michael, we were on the dairy farm raking leaves. at dinner the night before, I remember that he was so excited to rake--I'd asked him about what type of work he did on the dairy farm and for the rest of the night he kept telling me how he hoped that we'd be raking. and I think it was a really great morning and a really lovely experience. working with him doing something he absolutely loved gave me a new attitude--even though I wasn't exactly over the moon to be raking (it's a regular chore for me to begin with, so it wasn't like I was doing something new like working in the weavery or pottery studio), it was easy to have fun when he was so invovled. part of the reason why it was so memorable is because it was so relaxed, fun, and comfortable.

Camphill Memory

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One morning Sula and I went on an impromptu walk. We were supposed to meet Suzy and Sebastian at the herb garden, but they weren’t there yet. The weather was pleasant so we decided to take wander around. We walked all the way down the main road. We saw a variety of people walk and drive by. There was a really old man who we didn’t know how to interact with. There was a young family in front of us, a woman with her two kids. One of the kids was riding a scooter. Halfway through the walk the road got really steep and the kid put their scooter to lean against a tree. The family kept walking. Sula and I commented that it’s like Camphill has a honor code. I started to think about what it would be like to grow up in Camphill.

Camphill Village Memory

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Although working with Sebastian was an incredible, and in many ways life-changing experience, the most directly transformative memory for me took place at a lunch at Kerria House. Sebastian, his house family (a mother, a father, and three daughters), Ina, Natalie, and two older villagers were present, enjoying a delicious meal. Gavin, the house father, was incredibly friendly and respectful towards the villagers who lived in his home, incorporating everyone at the table into the conversation and valuing everyone’s contributions. As Natalie and I learned, he had actually had some experience in working with individuals with developmental disabilities (unlike many of the other house family members around Camphill). 

Camphill Portrait - Sebastian

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Sebastian was an incredible partner to work with over the course of our Camphill stay. He is one of the most genuinely kind people I have ever met, and was constantly concerned about my comfort and happiness (I was sick during the trip, and he was sure to check in and pat me on the back every time I coughed). Sebastian is multi-talented and goal-driven--he was working on a beautiful tapestry in the weavery and a mosaic cross in the pottery room when I was visiting. Sebastian's style was what stood out most of all; every day he wore a different vest and accessorized with multiple rings and beaded necklaces.