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Camphill Memory

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One morning Sula and I went on an impromptu walk. We were supposed to meet Suzy and Sebastian at the herb garden, but they weren’t there yet. The weather was pleasant so we decided to take wander around. We walked all the way down the main road. We saw a variety of people walk and drive by. There was a really old man who we didn’t know how to interact with. There was a young family in front of us, a woman with her two kids. One of the kids was riding a scooter. Halfway through the walk the road got really steep and the kid put their scooter to lean against a tree. The family kept walking. Sula and I commented that it’s like Camphill has a honor code. I started to think about what it would be like to grow up in Camphill.

I remember at this point Sula was talking about her hometown in Cambridge. We walked past the cows. We eventually found ourselves at the CSA garden. Suzy works at a lot of different places at Camphill, but not at the garden, so it was the only time I saw it. One of the villagers was teasing the two children who were walking in front of us. When we enter the actual garden I am consumed by the brightness of the flowers. I don’t expect the garden to be so large, but I have to remember that it has to feed an entire village. We leave the garden and I never get to see the piglets that everyone tells me about.

When we walk back up the path the scooter is still there, and Sula tries to ride it. I don’t remember how well that went. We see the cows again. Looking at all the scenery reminds me of home. The trees, the mountains, the colors. When we finally get back to the herb garden Suzy and Sebastian are inside. I am consumed by the smell. I asked Suzy and Ina which herb they were working with three times but I still don’t remember. I am reminded of the peppermint tea I had in Pfeifer House the previous morning, made with peppermint leaves from the herb garden. I thought it was so sweet that the co-worker was always offering me tea. the co-worker and the way she kept the house also reminded me of home.

One of the co-workers in the herb garden decide to put us Bryn Mawr students to work. I begin to regret not spending more time with Suzy. My task is to cut all the leaves of the lemon grass plants. It is a good smelling job, and I am happy to have it. I get to sit in a chair. The plants are separated into three pots. There is a spider on one of the plants. I push that pot aside and I start working on the next plant. I am visited by Anne, Sara, and Kristin. When Anne comes she puts her hand on my back, and her presence feels warm, and pleasant, and grounding. Sara makes a joke. I don’t remember what it was about. I laugh and keep the smile with me for the rest of the day. Kristin tells me about the pictures she took. She always tells me I remind her of sunshine, but to me she is a light presence, bright and full of light. When we leave the garden, we play with the cat. When we leave Camphill, I buy two bags of tea.