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Reflection on Camphill

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I am in complete of awe of camphill. Mimi was so inviting and you can really sense the close relationships formed between the co workers and villagers. The co op lifestye really intrigued me.What surprised me was how rural the camp truly was and how the Camphill manages finances. The shared car and small salary that Mimi recieves shocked being that I have never expperienced a lifestlye relative to hers. Mimi's life is Camphill and it as if she is not a seperate being. The architecture of the buildings even furthered the sense of the community melding into it's enviornments. I am truly excited to expand my painting and drawing skills ( or gain skills as a whole) at Camphill. It was so peaceful and inviting. I expected it to be more segmented and formal being that Camphill has many locations but, I appreaciated the relaxed and loving atmosphere it had. Mimi seemed to truly enjoy our presence and so did the other people we met which made me far less anxious. I was worried that we would be treated as students there to study and analyze them. I have always had a interest in art therapy and I really appreciated Mimi talking to me about her practices.  I am definitely nervous about Fall Break but it is nervous excitement.