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Reflecting on Camphill

Reflecting on Camphill

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Is it possible to feel simultaneously more settled and more anxious about this upcoming trip to Camphill? After interacting (briefly) with residents at Camphill, I'm feeling better about working with them to create a portrait of themselves. I was excited by the facilities and the beauty of the place; I wasn't really sure what to expect regarding how it would look, and I didn't know how much farmland and forest the area would include. I appreciated Mimi's honesty about how Camphill navigates the dueling pressures to serve the residents and balance the budget. 

I'm also feeling more anxious – like bridgetmartha I'm worried about my artistic abilities. I also would like to be involved helping in other parts of Camphill – gardening or farming, working in the kitchen, wherever they may need help – and am feeling a little bit like I'm floating, since we don't know yet what the itinerary will be. How much time each day will be spent working on the portraits and how much will be spent doing other work? I'm feeling intimidated by the idea that we might have six hour days of working on these portraits. I have a feeling that won't be the case exactly, but the potential is somewhat fear-inducing. 

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Anxiety is certainly the word that comes to mind with this prospective trip. There was certainly relief too - nothing felt especially institutional/clinical, and there wasn't some grand expectation of knowledge or understanding that was beyond me.