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Working in the classroom, outside the classroom

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Camtasia; it's the name of a program that my host teacher liason Mrs. X gave me to work on. Camtasia is a program that allows you to video record your momevement on a computer screen as well as anontating what you do on screen both orally and with video graphics. Mrs. X thought that a lot fo the teachers at school M were not tech savvy enough and did not even know how to do the simplest of tasks such as creating and editing a word document. For this reason Mrs. X put me to work on creating video recordings of how to do everyday computer tasks. This frustrated me immensely seeing as previously Mrs. X had promised me an opportnity to work in the classroom. I felt like even though I was making an impact on how teachers better used technology, I was not getting to see the impact of that technology, or the lack of impact of technology in the classroom.  


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is it possible to turn this into a learning experience?

When it comes to field placements, and schools in general!, it's often not possible to customize the experience. The unexpected does occur.  I wonder if there is a way for you to shift your expectations to be open to what is there for you to learn, rather than what you are blocked from learning. Let's talk!