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Where Have all the Flowers Gone?

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I’m finding it a little hard to concentrate this morning because they MOWED my spot. Mowed it! All the wildflowers (and all plants, minus the trees) are shorn to the ground. Devastation! I’m exaggerating, but it was slightly shocking after watching the spot grow for half the semester. It must have been mown yesterday with the rest of campus. Why do grounds mow campus so often?

I usually try to incorporate the readings, or whatever we talked about in class last time in my posting, but I’m finding it a little hard to do so today. I felt frustrated through much of class yesterday both because, though I could see the connections, I felt that feminism and environmentalism were very separate. I’ve always had trouble with both ideas, maybe just because they’re so expansive. I think that “environmental justice” is a clearer descriptor than “eco-feminism.”

But back to my site sit, since I was at a loss for words today I decided to represent my experience pictorially. Above are before and after pictures of my site, and below is a previous description of my site sit after I ran it through, which “reformatted” it. 



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"no mowing"

I just read this blog post on the wildflower meadow and noticed that there is a sign in one of the pictures that says "no mowing." Is the sign still up?

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Once the space has been

Once the space has been designated a conservatory, who responsible for it? Nature? Humans? Why do you think they mowed it? Maybe it was becasue the space didn't look 'pretty' anymore, and, being right next to the admissions building, its appearance was unseemly... Or because the land needs to hibernate or something. Agh I'm frustrated by this too, they really DO mow EVERYTHING. 

PS - I can't see any of your pictures!