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What Future Do You Want?

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After I missed the group botanical and geogical tour, I started to question what was important to me. All the different things that were going through my head at once was overwhelming so I only focused on what was at the forefront of my mind happening right then and there. I forgot to email to let my group members know I wouldnt be able to make it. And that was 100 percent my fault. However, it makes me wonder whether or not we need to focus on the present or prepare and remember for the future. If we never made plans would things in life still get done. In the Bible we are supposed to leave our lives up to God and be able to completely surrender to him and not worry about the past or future only the present. Can we do that with nature? What about the reprocussions of the future? Would we have an enviroment to go back to if we keep destroying it as we do now? It seems to me that living in the moment and not thinking about our actions and consequences would be a negative affect on ourselves as well as on the environment and others.



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About Balance

My freshman year I had a lot of trouble giving time to classwork and class because I always felt like what was going on in my life in the moment was so overwhelming and often paralyzing that I was unable to attend to what I had to be doing as a student. It always felt like my present emotions were more important in that moment. However, the ultimate result of this was that I was required to take time off of school. I had to learn a lot of hard lessons about balancing/managing my time and understanding that we are in a constant stage of negotiating the past, present and future. While the past year I've been significantly better at devoting time to my schoolwork, it will always be a struggle for me to figure out what is most important.

I think the only way we can help the environment will be a combination of negotiating individual needs and communal needs. While I think there are many things we could learn from the Bible, the present day context seems to require that we take charge of our lives. I think that while there are parts of the Bible that ask us to leave our lives up to God, there are also parts that insist that we take action in following the word of God. The often tossed around phrase "God helps those who help themselves" comes to mind, and despite the fact that this does not originate from the Bible, I think it speaks to the mindset that requires us to take a stand in detirmine our own fate and the fate of the world.