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"What do we need to flourish?"

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I meant to ask you to leave w/ me what you wrote--and read--in class today;
I would like to post this as another collectively written "poem," if you are willing.
If you are, please add your answers to the questions--
"What do I need to flourish here?"
"What might we need to flourish here?"--
as comments to this post, and I'll collate them all.
Thank you all, again--



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I am on my way out.  These

I am on my way out.  These 360 classes are my last as an undergrad, and in some ways I care less about "flourishing," or even getting good grades, than I do about soaking them in.  Right now, I'm much more focused and worried about flourishing in the world beyond Bryn Mawr.

I think we all need honesty, lack of judgement, and the willingness to learn from all people, things, and experiences.

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To Flourish

What I need to flourish: the space in which to speak and knowledge that I will not be judged

What we need to flourish: everyone's voice in the conversation, taking the risk to be wrong

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Understanding and honesty

I need to push myself more out of my comfort zone and speak more.

I need more time to articulate and elaborate what I want to say.

We all need to be support and construct a safe space for everyone in it.  

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I need to figure out what I

I need to figure out what I need.

I need to speak less and kisten more.

We need to give each other the space to flourish.

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Critical Friendships

a space for critical friendships--a space where we are attentive, critical, and together with/for one another.

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I need the space and time to

I need the space and time to speak up and I need to realize my potential and be confident about the person I am now and who I aim to be. What I have to say is valid and I shouldn't think otherwise.

We need to realize that what we say or think now is not set in stone.

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I need to leave the class

I need to leave the class with a lighter heart

I need the quieter students to speak more because I want to hear them--they add to my 360 experience

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To flourish, I need...

alternative (artistic?) ways to process what we're taking in together (outside the Academic space).

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In order to flourish...

I need to come to terms with and also fully understand my position of privilege, but I also need to not be so hard on myself that I don't acknowlege the places in which I am not privileged.
It sounds like what we need to flourish here might be allowing for uncomfortability. 

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Need to flourish

I need others to challenge my ideas.

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I wonder, though, what sort

I wonder, though, what sort of privilege accompanies needing things (and getting them), or my prideful sense of being self sufficient.

more communication, less guilt, less fear.

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I need others to challenge my

I need others to challenge my ideas. 

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I need people to be honest

I need people to be honest because even if we disagree, we're all still learning.

Without maybe talking more, as there is a need for silence too, we need to be more upfront with what we say if what's stopping us is fear of offending others.

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what I/we need to flourish

what I need to flourish: more time to think about the complexities behind this question.

what I think we need to flourish: a way to reconcile equal desires for silence and voice; a class that can be fluid in movement, ideas and content but will still remember to stop, pause and observe.

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What I need to flourish/What might we need to flourish here:

I need to be seen as an adult in every sense of the word/ We need to create an atmosphere where dialogue with anger, frustration, happiness, and curiosity flourish, and mystery ceases to exist. 

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the knowledge that sometimes,

the knowledge that sometimes, the fear that comes with not flourishing is a powerful form of self awareness and growth.

I think we all said "I" because we are afraid to impose our needs on others. We need to know how overlapped our individual needs are. 

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openness and honesty from

openness and honesty from myself and others.

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What I need to flourish here.... more silence,
more space between my words,
more space between your words and my reactions.