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Holiday Craft fair

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wanted to keep in mind...

When Sasha and I were tabling, several people expressed that they would donate money but they didn't have any interest in a bag. One woman in particular, asked if we had a website that would allow people to donate online. This actually seemed like a really good idea to me, and immediately thought of using a site like kickstarter or indiegogo. When I looked into to it, kickstarter seemed to be more geared toward art projects, where as indiegogo seems like it would be a better fit for a project like ours. I talked to Nell and she seemed to think this was a good idea for raising money in the future as well. Here's a link to indiegogo, and heres a link to kickstarter as well:

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you! guys!

did an awesome job w/ this project!

(and I can't say how happy-and-relieved-and-PROUD

I am to think that we now have $$$$ in the bank for spring planning....)

however, the photograph (being small and sideways)

doesn't do this event justice. here's more....