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lots of planning details

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So: I'm wondering if Sasha has approached Civic Engagement about getting your all's transportation funded, as you suggested?

And if Sasha and Sara have made any progress in applying for a 1/2-credit independent study?
What are the procedures? Has the deadline passed?

And what our meeting schedule will be from here on out?
Will you three meet on 9/19, then all of us again on 9/28? (i mean 9/26)
(Sasha's not being able to come, Sarah's coming late, and Hayley's having to leave early this week makes me think that 5-6:30 on Thursday is NOT such a good time after all?)

Here's how I'm now seeing our reading list:

Aug. 9 Audre Lorde, "The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action"
Sept. 6 Alice Walker, "Beauty"
Sept. 20 Howard Zehr, What Will Happen to Me?
Oct. 4 Elaine Brown, A Taste of Power ($14.73 x 15 copies= $220.95)
Oct. 25 Elaine Brown, A Taste of Power
Nov. 8  Toni Morrison, Sula ($10.89 x 15 copies = $163.35)
Nov. 22 Toni Morrison, Sula
Dec. 6 Gilliam, Kettle Bottom ($10.63 x 15 copies = $159.45)

Total for 3 more books: $543.75

I can go ahead an order all of them on my BMC credit card, trusting to the universe that we will be able to get this cost covered. Or I can order just A Taste of Power now and hassle w/ the others later (would prefer to get 'em all, but....)

I get free two-day shipping, so ordering today we could have it by Tuesday.

Please advise (quickly!).



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I met with Dean Heyduk yesterday and have the form all filled out- I just need Anne to sign it. Heyduk actually gave me a second blank form for Sasha as well.

And 9/28 is a saturday, do you mean 9/26? I'm still down to keep this time, but we can play around with it if we need a better time. Monday is the only night I can't meet, so whatever works best for everyone.